"Two Face" Palp/Watto 5-1 @ GQ's - write up inc

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5-1 Standard Seattle GQ, Palp/Watto (1st Place) 0 0 1 1.0

Zombane 445

I call this deck "Two Face" because of the coin flip chance of getting the resources to ramp from Watto's power action.

Ok so here goes the write up. I can't remember much but this is what I can remember!

Game 1: vs Wat/Jabba/Sentinel

So this game I managed to get both Force Storms out turn 1. This was done by Watto rolling out in 2x +2 resources. I then P/A into a resource. This meant I had 6 resources. I played the first Force storm and rolled out Palp. I then claimed a resource from Palp and played Forbidden Lore and got the second force storm down. My opponent couldn't recover from that point.


Game 2: vs Nute/FOST/eWatto Fat Firespray

I don't remember much of this game but Nute didn't have much of an effect thanks to my Watto being on point. Another game where Force Storm did work. I actually killed Nute last with a 9 damage Free-For-All

Game 3: vs Padme/Bousch

This was a blow out. An early Grappling Boa and Moxie meant I had no resources and no ramp. I lost quickly!I predict that this deck will make waves and is definitely one to watch out for!


Game 4: Luke/Padme

I don't remember this game, sorry guys/gals!


Game 5: Padme/Yoda

This was an interesting game. Watto died fairly early on but not before he had given Palp some upgrades. Palp had Soresu Mastery and Force Lift and this lead to a 4 or 5 turn stall where neither of us could do any damage to the other. This was eventually broken by the appearance of 2 Force Storms to give me the win. Man I love that card!


Game 6: ePiett/Phasma

Interesting pair up and certainly gave me a run for my money, but I think the Palp ramp was too much and he couldn't overcome Bacta Therapy and Free-For-All

Final result 5-1!

My take on this deck was that I didn't like the other versions with loads of crap upgrades just for health. I think all that does is make you lose more slowly. I think the +1 health thing is obviously essential but every upgrade should either do damage or keep Palp alive.

Feel free to comment!


Orffme 71

I love this deck! I would love to see a write up! Did free for all ever go off? Do tell!

Zombane 445

@Orffme I'll do a write up and update later on, but yes Free-For-All won me at least 2 games.

Zombane 445

@Orffme I have posted a write up based on what I remember

lengelmp 1152

No protective suit or unshackle?!

iceman22 1

I dont see you mention Fist at all in your summary. Did you find yourself not playing it?

Zombane 445

@lengelmp no I predicted (correctly) that downgrades wouldn't be popular yet, and Bacta Therapy deals with injuries.

@iceman22 Vader's Fist was more of a back up plan if Palp died. I think now I've played the deck I would be prepared to drop one or both of them.

Zombane 445

In fact @iceman22 I may look at either adding 2x Stifle or maybe 2x At Odds.

Kaldarion 8

@Zombane, thanks for the write-up. I was the one playing Padme/Boussh in R3. I think a big part of your loss was also due to the fact that Watto's PA missed 3x for you. A good Scruffy for your force storm was just the last nail in the coffin. We'll play a rematch on TTS sometime if you can.

Zombane 445

@Kaldarionyeah I had forgotten about that bad luck streak! Yeah I'm up for TTS sometime. My Steam username is "Humble" Rob if you want to add me.

LiquidSnake 34

@Zombane Pretty awesome deck! Question for you. In regards to your battlefield how often did you find yourself claiming? Would you consider maybe using Salt Flats instead? That way you can turn either Palpatine or Wattos die to the sides you need if you missed on his PA.

Zombane 445

@MDP091 I didn't claim that much because part of the plan is to be able to go on a wild Force Storm resolve streak once the opponent has claimed. I chose Obi's hut just get the odd shield when needed.

Scales 626

Great list and write-up!

Question: How often was Forsaken online?

Darth_Azrael 1


Salt Flats cannot turn Watto's dice. He is not a leader. However, being able to turn Palp to focus to get watto's dice to play well is always a good thing.

The Recreator 1

Have you considered using A Tale of Tragedy to fix Watto’s dice? Seems like it could be a pretty good mitigation card too, in a pinch.

Zombane 445

@Scales It's hit and miss. I mainly used it vs supports or by using Palps power action.

@The Recreator yes it was in my first build and I never really used it. More important cards to play really.

dasambolin 1

I tried almost a mirror of this deck tonight and had a lot of fun. Stifle is definitely great to add over having both Vader fists in there.