Infinate Power!!... Doubled

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Beleghorn 54

just an idea i will never play outside of tts as its super expensive with 8 legendaries.

good old Sith Holocron is what your looking for here. so you want 3 of them. hard mulligan for 1 if you dont get it in opening hand, and that should make up for the lack of watto.

cheap mitigation combined with control from #Force Jump and Force Throw

3 Force Speed to help you claim and make up for lack of focus.

flood the pool with dice for Anger and with Gamorrean Guard Sith Holocron and Force Jump double blanks should be online but that one needs testing. many good options in infinate. coukd be a better one. no forsaken as you want to use Gamorrean guardian ability

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Beleghorn 54

11 legendsries sorry