Watto/Sent/Wat Guerilla Vehicles

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maxwell9999 37

This deck is still in its early stages but it has been fun so far. Let me know what you think :)

Central Theme: Ambush Vehicles + Wat Tambor's Power Action.

With Wat's power action, you can roll in an ambush vehicle (or support) and then use the ambush action to resolve the die immediately. Therefore, this deck contains a fleet of ambush vehicles. Additionally, Planetary Bombardment rounds out the top end of the power curve by again having ambush and combo-ing with the fleet. It also threatens a huge damage spike (12+) late game play with Wat PA into PB after you have 5+ vehicles out and roll into indirect you can resolve immediately.

Additional Character info:

Wat's main reason for existing is his PA but his die is also nothing to scoff at. 2 focus and 2 resource sides can really help out. He will be focused down by the opponent most likely, so use his PA early.

Watto is a resource generating machine and his PA combo's nicely with himself, of course, but also some of our supports that have multiple similar sides like XS. Watto is elite because that makes the opponent feel less good about going after Wat first even though I think that is the correct play.

Sentinel Messenger is a really solid character imo. His die is not bad and his ability lets you have almost a 6th card in hand. He also brings blue and droid to the table. Everything we could want from a support! He will likely be the last to go which helps our events (Automated Defense). Using his ability at the right time each round is tricky. I'm still learning, but I try to use it when I don't have a good support in hand but have resources and also after my opponent has a few dice in the pool. That way I can play nearly any card (mitigation or support) for some benefit.

Vehicle info:

  • XS Stock Light Freighter is a money making machine that we want to see early, ideally, in order to ramp. It is quite special in this deck because you have a decent chance (especially with focus) to resolve the special twice in a round if you power action it out with Wat making its die have three 2 resource sides! Or, if you don't have a support to play, an additional 4 ripe for the taking the next round.

  • TIE Fighter is a great tutoring card to help build up our numbers quickly.

  • Starviper has a really solid die for 4 cost and we generally are rolling in money so this thing is spectacular.

  • Fang Fighter is not the best but is not bad either and gives us an additional ambush vehicle with decent damage sides.


We'd really like to see an XS in our opening hand, so hard mulligan for it. We'll also gladly take a tech team, some cheap removal and one or two damage supports. A TIE Fighter is nice to get the train rolling and ensure we continue to have supports to play. We don't really want to see a Planetary Bombardment and definitely want to throw back Deployment.


You will have many of the same vehicles out, make sure you keep track of which die belongs to which vehicle.

Final thoughts:

Currently, the deck feels a bit slow since your first priority is XS (not damage) and then the damage builds on round 2 or 3, finally getting to a big number round 4 or 5. I'm not sure if that's fast enough in the current aggro meta to be really competitive. I'm hopeful that it can be though and will be adjusting accordingly.

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