ePoe2/eHondo - 2-4 @ UK GQ Milton Keynes (13/04/19)

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This is the deck I used for the Infinite tournament at the UK GQ in Milton Keynes. The fact that I love Hondo in both TCW and Rebels and I pulled Hondo Ohnaka - Respected Businessman in back to back packs I felt like I had to play him at the GQ.

I find playing these two guys so fun when all of the dice align especially when you have Cunning, Moxie and Poe Dameron's Blaster 's on the field.


  1. eWatto - Stubborn Gambler / Nute Gunray - Separatist Viceroy / Jabba The Hutt - Influential Kingpin - Loss

  2. eSnoke - Supreme Leader / eTarkin - Grand Moff - Win

  3. eLeia Organa - Heart of the Resistance / eLando Calrissian - Smooth and Sophisticated - Loss (11 card Buy Out felt rough)

  4. eLeia Organa - Boushh / eYoda - Wizened Master - Win

  5. eHan Solo - Independent Hotshot / eQi'Ra - Street Savvy (No Allegiance) - Loss

  6. eQui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master / eYoda - Wizened Master - Loss

By the time the second half of this tournament had started I was exhausted having had to wake up at 0500 and drive to MK that day which may have caused some mistakes but I had fun with the deck and I will probably make some gradual changes to the content and make it one of my go to decks (especially as I decided to go for the Hondo spot gloss).

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