Star Wars Homecoming

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Kelarmond 8

This deck is very competitive, it reminds me of a football homecoming game. This deck has incredible aggressive force. With Jyn's incredible solid ranged dice and Padme's focus OR indirect damage this deck packs a punch. Since Jyn and Padme sharing the same sub-type "leader" the battlefield lets you role them both out at once. Or this deck can quickly change into defense if it needs too. Padme's ship lets you give a "leader" 1 shield every time you activate, and if you give that shield to Padme you can also activate Padme to get dice out faster if your battlefield isn't in use. This deck can kill Obi-Wan Kenobi Ardent Avenger round 1. How you ask? Let me do the talking.

AGGRO: You definitely want to choose your battlefield when you win the role out in the starting phase, let them take the 2 shields. You definitely want to have a Hidden Blaster and Target Acquired in your opening hand, 2 cards of mitigation comes in handy too. First action you want to put Hidden Blaster on Jyn giving you ambush and forcing them to lose a shield. As your ambush use your battlefield to roll Jyn and Padme out overwhelming your opponent with ranged and focus (indirect). You can pull of an average 10 damage every round.

DEFENSE: Lets say Jyn dies and your opponent calms down thinking they have this in the bag, you can prove them wrong. Hopefully you have target acquired on one of their characters making Padme's and Padme's Ship focus (indirect damage) go to that character. Also your Mortar Team indirect damage. With Aggressive Negotiations you can force your opponent to remove all their damage dice or they take 2 damage for every damage die side they leave in their pool, incredible control card. Rout will help you in the end game and with Padme's ship giving you a shield and activate every round. First Aid and Field Medic is incredibly annoying for your opponent. I could write many more paragraphs getting into serious detail about the strategy for this deck but I'll leave this to you now. If you try it let me know what you think! Any suggestions is appreciated.


whozeppelin224 15

feel like you're going to be in some money trouble. Did you give thought to Scrap Heap?

helikaon 34

Yep, what @whozeppelin224said. A lot of expensive goodies without much way to play them. A300 Blaster just adds to that issue with no resource side. 2 copies of Padme's ship is probably a great idea, to bring more consistency to pulling it.

Kelarmond 8

@whozeppelin224``@helikaon great questions! Like @helikaon said I would usually focus Padme's ship die side to the 2 resource or the 3 focus. Also I would focus the hidden blaster to the resource side or I would use my fresh supplies event. It does seem like an expensive deck but it does work out.