You have HOW many troopers?!

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prettykooltimes 2

You want to make sure you start with the battlefield, so switching out Advanced Training with Taking Ground might be a good idea.

Hard mulligan for Riot Shield and preferably either a Quicksilver Baton or Conscript Squad

For removal, you want to make sure you see Near Miss earlier in the game, as you need both your characters alive for this to work.

Turn one you want to either play a Quicksilver Baton and roll it in, or play a Conscript Squad. After you have your battlefield set up, if you played a Conscript Squad you want to power action Military Camp - Kaller to roll in both your characters, and the conscript squad dice.

From here you can power action Captain Phasma - Stormtrooper Commander to get more dice out and pump up the benefits from cards like Rout and Browbeat. The goal is to get so many First Order Stormtrooper dice out, and resolve them for as much damage as possible.

If you went the Quicksilver Baton route, you want to roll that out and resolve it before you activate. This is the only small change.

I've seen that this deck has the potential to stomp Vader decks, but you have to be hyper aware of your removal and protecting Phasma. While it's possible to win without her, you would need a full board and a riot shield on your FOS to protect him long enough to deal your killing blow.

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