Yoda/Satine/Gungan Warrior - Rainbow Vehicle Run

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NC Regional Champion!! 12-2 In the Tournament! 33 23 20 1.0
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Destry210 726

Key cards of this deck are : Shadow Caster, N-1 Starfighter, Mandalorian Jetpack, Triple Laser Turret, R2 Astromech, Rigged Detonation and Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder.

I should mulligan for mitigation, Mandalorian Jetpack and vehicle-mods. On second round, if I have Shadow Caster and Mandalorian Jetpack in play with Yoda - Wizened Master still alive (putting shields on him from the start help), I should be able to give my opponent a good competition.

First target should be Yoda - Wizened Master and next Satine Kryze - Hope of Mandalore. But 25 lifes total with some shields here and there should help.

Triple Laser Turret on Shadow Caster is key to makes a lot of damages, readying the Shadow Caster by paying 2 resources with R2 Astromech or resolving N-1 Starfighter special (the second Triple Laser Turret should be put on N-1 Starfighter).

Another version with Hired Gun in the past (replaced by Satine Kryze - Hope of Mandalore) performed very well. I just replaced Arc Caster by Mandalorian Jetpack and the rest are in the events suite. I will let you know about my next tournament in another version of the deck.

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