Mother Nest

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Echo7 163

Nice deck. You must make so many s if you want to. Why no Hired Muscle or Fickle Mercenaries? They're both targets for Enfys's PA, plus makes the Entourage better, plus gets tutored by Entourage. Plus they're odd costed cards.

I'd drop the blue upgrades. I don't think they're really worth it.

Echo7 163

Also, no hero cards! Easy Pickings x2 seems like an easy choice.

Mr Chrome 76

Been tweaking as i play it and publishing along the way. Play with mean streets now, claim to dark ritual a character they just killed. Removed a few of the blue upgrades as well as streetwise. Subbed out electro ripper for mortis (for redeploy) and vaders saber. As well as added easy pickings and a 2nd dark ritual. Been seeing what events work the best.

FriskyMilkman 31

What a fun cool sweet unique deck! keep up the good work!

truIdiotic 1

Instead of easy picking, i prefer flee the scene more. And maybe add truce and well connected, probably lost some talzin ability but it still worth it to get upgrades or support out, or even clutch dark ritual claim. Awesome deck! like kit/sabine too!

Mr Chrome 76

I don't think well connected is necessary. Turn one you could power action for 4 resources and ramp from there.

Mr Chrome 76

And thanks, I'm glad you like Kit/Sabine