Vader Droid

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Solsticejf 132

****Changes made:

This deck is built to benefit from Vader's synergy with Figthing Pit and the Sentinel Messenger ability and focus sides. With Vader dice, you are more then likely to win the roll, always pick your BF - it can almost always guarantee a round one kill of one of the opponents character. 23 HP is also a decent amount to start with.

What I'm looking for in my opening hand is:

If it is against a 3 wide deck, I always keep Fear and Dead Men in my opening hand. Use Fighting pit to reroll one of your dice to the 3 melee side, than use FADM with that dice. You can also use Sentinel focus to get that 3 melee side.

This is an ultra aggro deck so don't hesitate to discard for reroll to maximize Vader's damage output, and try to claim as often as possible since you'll almost always have a huge advantage of using the BF with Vader's dice.