Padme Maz Rush

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Magister Mundi Sum 55

A work in Progress

Obviously designed for Quick roll outs. Hitting hard.

Struggles vs 3 wide but unsure how to adjust.


Seananigans0528 37

I have found that slotting in an Unshackled can go a long way.

rogue6548 44

I played this lineup in the UK GQ. It was fun. Went 3-3 so not great - could've been better with some better ambush rolls.

It just doesn't have enough damage output I found. I think Padmé/Boushh/Moxie is just better. But if you want to stick with this combo, I'd put some more damage dealing cards in. You could ditch either Instigate, Target Acquired, BB-8 (this card is good but painfully slow) or Shadowed and put in something like Power Surge (turn a Padmé 3 into 6) a couple of cheap weapons or a Triple Laser Turret.

DarthVaderRocks 106

If you have Target Acquired do you really need On The Mark?