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PopQuiz 77

Wanted to utilize AoN with Yoda since he could supplement the economy. Open to any thoughts.


lengelmp 1146

Really like this! Have you play tested it at all?

PopQuiz 77

@lengelmpI haven't done much besides kitchen table messing around. Definitely needs tweaking. Wondering if It Binds All Things might help or not.

flight799 149

Ii Binds is amazing for defensive builds like this since you aim for the long game and can build up to more upgrades for huge blowouts in last few rounds.

General Vatutin 26

@flight799Agreed on binds .....put in place of defensive teachings. Little shield heavy imho. These are just things to think about. Removal like Beguile is better because you remove black damage in some cases making it worth more than three damage in addition to the other moves. Like the adapt call.

The meta is just too fast in this meta. If vandalize also becomes much more prevalent as predicted, maybe binds is not the call...??? —————— x2 Force Jump need better well-round defense for a low cost ———- I think too many upgrades 2 cost x1 Ezra Bridger's Lightsaber () x1 Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod () x2 Republic Jedi Armor () = x6 is a good number of 1/2 cost weapons for turn one mulligan probabilities ———3 cost x1 Dagger of Mortis () x2 Heirloom Lightsaber need more base black damage and redeploy (meta is fast) x1 Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber ()

= 4 redeploy

I think this gives you room for x2 Beguile (sucks Obi is not a leader when he is on The Jedi Council...stupid FF) otherwise Channeling the force would be the call. In friendly games play with an ignore FF half ass attempts).

  1. Maybe ‘Sound the Alarm &/Stronger You Have Become’ instead of Pacify. I think Sound creeps back in with the card pool at the moment and need to help against so many nut rolls that have been seen to increase.
  2. Sticking with so many shield brings in ‘Unbreakable’
  3. For Testing is economy is an issue: Upperhand (normally not great, but with something close to your build with these iconic character’s dice help with the upgrade very much)
  4. You got some dice that you might get stuck with 2 focus, 2 shields etc. so consider ‘Become One’
  5. I like ‘Way of the Light’ in this Meta especially, but consider ‘Near Miss’ ..which misses once you lose a character so that is testing & meta call (so many neutral cards) even in a villain dominate meta at the moment.