Padme Satine Clawdite 5 die

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Padme Satine Clawdite 0 0 0 1.0

BananaCrapshoot 61

This deck is a lot of fun. solid. consistently puts out good damage. can hang with top decks.


Mr_Chip 58

Spicy meatballs. The Banana is the bomb.

artyzipp 1

This looks really fun.

lengelmp 1133

Love this! May have to try this one out

General Vatutin 26

Since none of your characters are scoundrels, who is this working. Obviously, thinning the deck out a bit, but if you can’t afford them they are likely to get discarded and make you vulnerable to mill???

It looked solid at first until I started building it and was reminded of all the pay sides.

Finally, I can’t see you claiming much in this fast meta. Maybe, this is one that has to be played to believe, but I find increasingly few of those these days.

Gl thank for posting.

artyzipp 1

@General Vatutin the clawdite is a scoundrel at activation

BananaCrapshoot 61

@General Vatutin the clawdite can be any subtype, so she’s the scoundrel.

The starship has it to resource side and entourage has it to resource site as well as satine

The starship also let you give a shield to a leader, and activate Padme, so that helps the speed and I find myself claiming more than you would think, which also helps ramp and if one entourage gets milk then I put it on the bottom of the deck to find it with the other one

BananaCrapshoot 61

Wow talk to text butchered that

General Vatutin 26

Funny, never re-looked at the shapeshiper text after seeing it month ago and kinda thinking it was niche. Well there is the niche alrighty. Thanks for the pointers on the deck! Cheers

General Vatutin 26

When I was building it before asking, I thought about. Putting two into the garbage chutes to soak up dame on the “useless” shapeshifter who isn’t so useless anymore. Do you put the handheld on Satine I assume?

BananaCrapshoot 61

Yes I put the handheld on satine

Socal Casual Gaming 74

Very spicy. I wish more stuff like this was played at destiny meet ups!

BananaCrapshoot 61

@Socal Casual Gaming sleeve it up and take it