Phasma’s Fleet 4-0 Tourney Winner

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Bigulf 784

If you like rolling dice, this is the deck for you. If you aren’t rolling in 12+ dice on turn 3 you are messing up.

You only care about 3 cards when doing your mulligan. Tie Fighter, Megablaster, and Logistics. Typical strategy is to ramp turns 1 and 2, doing some damage turn 2 and a cubic boatload of damage turn 3. Maximize how many dice you flip to resource with Firmus turn 1, typically get 3 Tie Fighters out. Turn 2 get a Megablaster and 4 Tie Fighter.

I went 4-0 in the tourney beating some really good decks with even better pilots.

Round 1 vs Rex/Cody/Trooper This deck is scary because of the consistent damage it can put out every turn. He played the game very well and restricted my resource generation and slowed my ramp. I was down to 3 health when multiple refills on turn 4 allowed me to kill his trooper.

Round 2 vs Mace/Satine I got off to a strong turn 1 ramping to 4 Tie Fighters. Typically turn 2 I continue the ramp but drew 5 cards and no supports so I turned my attention on killing Mace. Killed Mace turn 2 then Satine turn 3.

Round 3 vs DJ/Watto This matchup forced me to completely change how I play this deck because I had to play around In The Crosshairs. Key card was Probe. I did gamble turn 1 and used Firmus to flip 4 dice to resource and he Crosshaired them all for 4 IND. I eventually on turn 3 squeezed in enough damage to kill DJ and a timely Riot Shield gave me enough space to get Watto.

Round 4 vs Yoda/Gungan/Marauder She got a turn 1 Firespray out with 3 mods on it. Was able to dance around the damage long enough for turn 4 where I was able to kill the Gungan on my last reroll.

This deck was a blast to play. I can’t take credit for the deck idea, I just streamlined it to do what I wanted from my version which was to ramp hard, get a bunch of dice, and do a bunch of damage turn 3.

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