Aphra's Army

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I wanted to try and get an Allies of Necessity-based deck going that didn't suffer too much from it's downsides. Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter's built in droid discounts and General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander's character cost reduction seemed like a worthy fit.

General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander's Power Action is incredibly useful when your supports and droid characters don't want to cooperate, and Sentinel Messenger's draw ability is super helpful to work alongside your Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter card draw ability to help speed up your deck consumption.

For this deck, I will try to mulligan for;

-Reprogram (helps Aphra play one of her buddies for free turn 1)

-Respite (great for the Battle Droid to help assist with the turn 1 money troubles)



-Bubble Shield/Tech Team (your easiest toss choices for the Plot's demand)

With 33 HP out the gate and Modular Frame able to help almost every character on this team, you're hopefully beefy enough to still ramp up the Aphra Engine of BT-1 and 0-0-0.

Climate Disruption Array is a big hitter in this deck, and if Triple Zero is on the board as well, it starts to hurt a little bit more.

Assassin Droid is always fun to play with his "basically no blanks" die, and he's great for follow up lethal after a CDA assault.

For the events, it's low-to-free costs to mitigate or assist in the support ramp. The usual contenders like Forsaken and Automated Defense are here to do their best.

Went with the useful Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa for this deck, as it can often benefit you more than your opponent.

EDIT: Removed Tech Team (far too slow) and replaced it with Dangerous Maneuver.

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