6-0 in Galactic Qualifer in Malmö (Standard)

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CNA79 142

A short summary of my deck going 6-0 in the first round of the Galactic Qualifier in Malmø.

I met the following decks

Palpatine/Wat Satine/Qui-Gon Padmé/Yoda Leia/Lando Snoke/Watto/FOST Padme/Boushh

On the second day i played the deck again and took two losses against Snoke/Watto/FOST and Talzin/Watto/Wat. I think the deck stands a chance against both decks, but i didn´t get my priorities right. I have learned from that experince and look forward to test some more against those decks.

I think the most of the deck is pretty straight forward, but i will mention the inclusion of Mind Extraction and Vigilance, which performed beyond my expectations.

Mind Extraction is just a crazy good card against some characters and it definitely helped me against the Padmes and Qui-Gon. I would consider going down to 1 in the future, and instead push the aggressive potential of this deck and gun down the favoured target (Snoke, Palpatine etc.) and set up the ramp instead. Always remember to play your mind extraction after the opponent have activated the character you want to hit, as that basically puts the characters ability out of play for two rounds.

Vigilance is a great card at the moment. It fits in fine with the tech team, as that 1 ressource cost feels tough at times. Sequencing is important with vigilance, and it pays off to let the opponent roll in the characters/supports and then play it the action before the focus chains starts.

Its and absolute beast of a card against Palpatine/Wat, Snoke/Talzin with support chars and Padme decks. To mention the most obvious. It also put in great work against the Leia mill and it definitely paid off, eventhough you have to keep every card in hand besides your big upgrades.

The last thing i will mention is the use of the Sentinel. His activation is so good and the better you know your deck, the more use u will get out of him.

You know the probability of your next card if you know how many you have left in the deck and which card is used. So evaluate the situation each turn.

When you activate him then make sure that you have a board state that gives you the highest probability to play the card the Sentinel draw. Do you have a ressource side showing for the Logistics? Do you have a trooper die for the Measure for measure, do you have a spare ressource for the riot shield, conscript squad or Tech team? Play your tech team before activating! Do you have a maximum of three dice in the pool for your rout to go off? Do you have the fifth ressource for the Fist? ask yourself as many questions as possible before activation. If you don´t play a card with his ability, you are either unlucky or haven´t thought your opportunities through well enough :-)

Cards i will try in the future is definitely Pulverize and the Imperial Officer.

Best regards Christian


TrooperRules 2

Hey man, I have a doubt about your deck, the effect of Retribution triggers with the Stormtrooper dice you roll with the Power Action of Captain Phasma - Stormtrooper Commander?

kuni667 179

@TrooperRulesYes, with the way it is currently ruled the trooper dice rolled in with the power action count towards Retributions effect.

CNA79 142

@TrooperRules, it is as Kuni says. It makes the deck very oppresive to play against. Retributions weakness is that it only deals damage 1 damage when "1 or more damage is removed" so if you remove 3 you take 1 damage, but there a not many multiple die removal in the game post rotation.

A reprint of Feel you anger or Mind Trick would kill this deck.

Dake 1

It makes absolutely no sense to me that retribution would fire on removing the extra FOST dice. How can that possibly be the ruling? They are not phasma's character dice. They are basically upgrade dice. Stupid.

CNA79 142

@DakeFollowing the rules, it´s pretty obvious you are rolling in dice, which have the subtype "Character - Trooper". If a card says upgrade, it´s an upgrade.

Same goes for the dice with Megablaster Troopers FOST dice. They can be used to Measure for measure, Vandalize, Fighting Pit and they can be Pacified and no character takes the shields. Fair enough if you don´t like the mechanic, but rules wise it´s pretty clear.

Dake 1

I just think it's a bad ruling for the game. Retribution at 1 point to affect that many the dice is broken. Errata the card so that it's only that 20+ point character's character dice. Easy peasy.

Dake 1

Maybe it's not that bad, but this deck seems pretty freaking strong.

CNA79 142

I don´t remember there have ever been a ruling for it, it´s just what the dies card says and how the rules are working. It´s a deck where actually Retribution has a place and finally we see a Character besides Vader that are 20+ and works. Waaaaay to early to call the nerf on Retribution.

So it sounds like it´s the power of the combo, and that´s another discussion :-). Your idea would definitely take some power out of the deck, but the real "broken" decks of the current meta are still Snoke/eWatto/FOST - Talzin/Wat/eWatto in my opinion.

Once rotation hits again and Retribution is no more, we will miss Retribution and rage about Phasmas "broken" interaction with Advanced Training, pulverize and so on ;-)

Dake 1

Don't mind me, I'm an alarmist.

CNA79 142

@Dakei it´s pretty strong, yeah. I think the ability to resolves Vaders Fists indirect side at Melee damage (Phasma ability) is the most "broken" thing in the deck. It just adds to the decks strength of gunning down your opponents most important character.

Dake 1

Don't get me started on Vader's fist. Yes, lets make a card that gets 3 activations in one round. Probably should be costed same as Strike Team, right guys?

CNA79 142

@DakeDon´t forget that Strike Team only costs 4 if your opponent has 3 or more ressources!

On a serious note, Vaders Fist is still a problem. i agree.

ferrsabs 66

would you consider running fear and dead men to deal with 3 wides? also how well does it typically ramp?

Bartmoss 1

@ferrsabsCan you really use Phasma's ability on a trooper die with Fear and Dead Man? The trooper die can be resolved as melee, but is this die really 'showing' melee damage?

vitalis09 330

@Bartmoss you can as in Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor/Ataru Strike rulings.

Dake 1

Now that is actually a bad ruling. It's ignoring the words on the cards. Hate it. It might not seem like it, but I do like Destiny, I swear.

vitalis09 330

@Dake there is a wide explanation on reddid if I recall right, from theGandork (who is blessed by FFG) why it works that way. It really makes sense when you read it - basically if a card says "resolve" you open "resolve window" and Luke/Fost+Phasma dice then actually can show that symbol if you like it.

Always remeber that "wordX" in any rules does not have to mean "wordX" in common speech.

Bigulf 807

Great deck, funny to me that people are STILL confused on due symbol when resolving a die.

triplenine 8

I have been mulling over the vigilance/mind extraction situation. In my iteration of this deck, I have tried a few different things and like the idea of one mind extraction one vigilance. In the case where I use pulverize, I would probably go with one imperial officer and one pulverize. I feel like I need an imperial officer to keep Megablaster's second die online.

Bigulf 807

The games where you didn’t see a support turn 1, do you just try to minimize the damage and maximize the resources?

CNA79 142

@ferrsabs I haven´t toyed around with that idea, no. But quite interesting actually. I might have to try and find a single spot for FADM in testing.

I find the deck ramps quite efficient. I have lost three games with the deck in 23 matches now and all three losses came down to people being able to use Wattos 2 disrupt highly efficient and set me back.

i also mulligan for my logistics and always try to have a die on a ressource side, before i activate Sentinel Messenger, if he should draw a logistics.

If you get Megablasters or Vaders Fist Down turn 1, you are obviously in a very strong position.

CNA79 142

@vitalis09 I think that´s a really good rule of thumb and the window opening is exactly how it should be seen, which is why i never really understood how people could be uncertain about Luke and interactions with resolve.

CNA79 142

@triplenine Im with you on the thought of one extraction, but at the moment i would probably always go with two vigilance. I cant really find a deck at the moment where it doesnt have a spot. It also puts a strong battlefield like Salt Flats offline (as it is the ability to turn dice it stops, so they can´t turn yours either).

I agree very much with the officer. I HAVE to find a spot for him, as he also interacts with Vaders Fist. It can be difficult to get full value on Fist some times, but having a free focus as Vaders Fist is a trooper, is so strong. It´s even stronger than Vaders ability to turn the die, as you don´t care about hitting the natural 3 ranged as you can just flip it to the 3 indirect and resolve it as melee. Definitely have to try pulverize again, but Officer will be my first priority - im quite certain it will become a sure choice going forward.

CNA79 142

@BigulfThat´s a really good question and it´s hard to tell, as it will be match dependent i think.

Being the kind of player i am, i would always maximize ressources going into turn 2, not resolving my paysides and go for a re-roll (you have to clear your hand for the next round anyway to maximize your chances of seing a support) and ping a little damage and take as many ressources as possible.

Not ramping against decks that also have aggressive ramp, is when i lose with this deck. Happened 3 times in 23 games, same story every time. You have to get one of the big supports out turn 2 latest, so smart Watto players will never re-roll a 2 disrupt side against this deck :-)

triplenine 8

@CNA79 This is interesting. How about 1x Mind Extraction 1x Imp Officer and 2x Vigilance. I have a hard time dropping the tech of ME to one but the utility of Vigilance is hard to argue with. Could we drop Probe to a 1x and keep both ME and Vig at 2x?

triplenine 8

Or leave it as is and drop to 1x Conscript Squad?

CharlieWonka 122

14 zero cost events seems the strong point of this deck. All funds can be used to ramp.

artyzipp 7

Love the deck. I don't have Vader's Fist, so I need to find a replacement (I know nothing truly can)

Bigulf 807

If you have Entourages you can run a similar build with Marauder instead of Messenger.

artyzipp 7

Sadly, only one entourage