5 die Falcon (5-1) Seattle GQ

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Kalaheo 142

5-1 at the Seattle GQ and my new favorite deck. Thoughts and deck analysis available here:



General Vatutin 26

Ok, so if this is not a Star Wars game, congrats because you put who, who, and who the f#$k together to make a $hkt sandwich. You maximized crap and the difficult call was the x2 N-1 Starfighter. And x1 hidden motive vs. two. Every other choice was self evident once you found the Frankenstein. Now if you aren't A Star Wars fan and just love Destiny, then by all means congrats. But if you are a fan, this is just not something that can be swallowed. You’re not playing a Star Wars game at this point, but just the best five 5 dice auto pilot, hero start. The fact that it is your favorite deck because it wins says you either just love winning above all else and are too young realize life is short and you could get hit by a car tomorrow and the most you’ll be known for is doing whatever it takes and forgetting to suck the marrow out of life. Yes, go watch Dead Poet’s Society and, “gather yea rose buds while thee may.”

There is a secret to life and that is winning isn’t everything. Don’t stoop so low that you clear the bar because you are on you hands and knees. I’m not saying you bit to go Lando Leia etc., but ALL these crap characters, ALL is a bit too much.

Now, you have no Fist, no Megablaster Troopers, no Entourage so I’ll give you points for the path less traveled. Congrats on thinking outside the box. But this Frankenstein you mended together needs to go back I. The garbage chute if you are any real Star Wars fan. If you are a real Star Wars fan...shame.....shame...shame. If not, you can go tell me to fhnnddjddn myself, but then why are you wasting your time playing this game when you could go work on you real game and get laid!

PopQuiz 77


LysyPingwin 15

@General Vatutinwhat the f### is wrong with you?You alone represent everything what is wrong with this game and with its fandom.

apoogle 29

@General Vatutin is making a lot of sense here. I mean despite being 6 movies and 60+ timeline years apart, Snoke and Watto were nearly a match made in heaven. I'm sure Vatutin only plays thematic pairings, and to voice his opposition to the prequels hasn't spoken the word, 'jar', since the release of Episode 1.

General Vatutin 26

Well said!

GregtheBiz 391

@General Vatutin, Those 2 deck lists you've published, those are about as thematic as they come, huh? I forgot the whole book that Obi-Wan spent with Maz.... Just show us where the space ghost touched you..... It will all be OK, time heals everything.....

Kalaheo 142

Lol, @General Vatutin why are you living life on Salt Flats - Crait? This deck plays the most iconic ship in science fiction and I don't appreciate you calling her Frankenstein. It may not look like much, but it's got it where it counts, I've made a lot of special modifications myself.

It's takes a good pilot to fly this deck and it's far from auto-pilot trust me. It's my favorite deck because it flys like a swarm deck and I haven't been able to play those slow methodical hero vehicles decks in a while.

If theme is what you crave delivered by only the most iconic characters I suggest checking out boardgamegeek.com It's really does a great job of delivery that original trilogy feel.

That's about all I saw worth responding to and while I appreciate the enthusiasm please remember a lot of kids are getting into destiny and this site can be a great place for them to learn more about deck building. In the future please keep the toxic comments to Facebook where they are usually found.

Sinomi 363

"Captain Phasma and Dengar battle Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ezra Bridger in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Jabba the Hutt and Jango Fett attack Rey and Finn as they pass through the frozen wastes of Starkiller Base. Play out your own epic, saga-spanning, 'what if' battles in Star Wars™: Destiny, a collectible dice and card game for two players!"

Play our your own epic, saga-spanning, 'what if' battles

(Literally the publisher's description of the game.)

General Vatutin 26

Oh contraire, my friend, I just made your deck stick around on the first page of this site. I pulled a Trump and sucked up all the oxygen in the room. Now people are responding and giving you hearts. See what drunk commenting can do at almost 2:00 in the morning. Miracles baby...miracles. While I respect your classy response, that deck is easy to play. It is just a more efficient version of several hero vehicle decks. Actually, most deck have gotten easier to pilot because of less action cheating.

As for originality, I stick by my drunk ass guns: the upgrade suite is standard and so are the supports and upgrades. Have both x2 well connected, x2 truce, AND logistics (5 money cards) is the most non-obvious departure from what most would do. Going with one hidden motive is also non-standard move. A lot of pros might go with just one vandalize, but I think two is the correct call with such character dice and the meta and I applaud you there, but 1 is an auto include.

So any pro/expert is going to have every card you have except maybe the R2 Astromech, and likely no more than 3/4 money cards. However, by including the R2, you need the money. They might have different numbers, but one could convincing argue that the devil is soooo in the details where a couple of different cards has often separated the curds from the milk or made a difference in thinking about countering a mirror match. I applaud the numbers you set on and the R2 Astromech. I think the only mistake—and hey I could be very very wrong—is the inclusion of the Senate Chamber. It is a great card, but with sooo much focus already I can only imagine that being used at the end when down to the gungan. Being a one off, which I am a bid fan of to keep opponents guessing, in this case maybe, again maybe, doesn’t work and two would be terrible.

Regardless, congrats on the win. It was indeed well deserved despite me giving you so drunk bar crap. In fact from a technical standpoint any good player can instantly see this is good and the choices work. I would only ditch the Senate Chamber for another removal. With the two vandalizes Flames of the Past could be a killer. Maybe by any means.

Since you are toast if Satine goes down early shutting off 3/4 vital cards (3 if you got one off), maybe a variant to attempt: add x2 tech team (? Having trouble cutting two move which is the sign of a good deck) , add x2 bubble shield -2 Well-connected (see next comment), and add x2 crash landing -1 easy pickings (having two is dangerous because satine is the clear target not Lor) -1 hidden motive. The two crash landings are still good early if you wiff on the bubble shield because of the damage soaking gungan who was shoot first in the battle of Naboo off camera. The biggest downside is having to hard mulligan for tech team which isn’t much fun- but if you still have three out of your five resources addition cards maybe that is better. It is maybe also be a wash at best the more I think about not wanting to rely so heavily on drawing tech team in the opening hand. One small downside to crash landing is if it played on the Gungun instead of the bubble shield because of timing/card draw that limits the powerful into the garbage chute because everyone will know you have that card in there and 3 more damage makes that card less valuable because you are forced into using good focus dice vs. a crappy gungan. Hmmm, but maybe this works and put pressure off Losing four cards to Satine going down quickly—maybe: +2 tech team +2 crash Landing +2 bubble shield

-2 well-connected still got three more resource cards in addition to these two if we don’t touch the others -1 hidden motive because crash becomes better -1 N-1 -1 easy p -1 vandalize?

So...hmmm, if Satine is your weakness then add another non-spot money making yellow logistics or bartering on Lor to maybe make Lor a persuadable target. Or at the very least get more out of bartering when they are still smart enough to shutdown Satine first. Replace Senate chamber with bartering move off a two cost to a one cost.

@Sinomithat retort fell even flatter my drunk ass comment. No one is wanting to here the story of any dumb ass Gungan period. Certainly not the one shoot first in the battle off camera. Pack up your midichlorians dude.

General Vatutin 26

@GregtheBiz the point was the character choose where ALL crap Star Wars characters not about them being paired thematically. A Gungan who was the first to die off set in the Naboo battle, a old man who dies... yawning, and who dat comically drawn women with all that splash? It is FN-1099 etc. all over again. Plus, you missed the point which was to give the guy a hard time for putting whatever is the most efficient characters together for the sake of drunken fun and to get him more hearts so he stays on the front page. Who knows maybe K heo are the same gu6 with two accounts and this is all some Fake News to steal the spot light.

Obi-wan awesome Maz awesome

The issue really isn’t with the cool dude (who could be me) who put the characters together. It is with FF for making stupid characters good and screwing up so many iconic ones...over and over again. All the Mauls of this game lost on the island of lost toys.

DaJix 77

wtf is wrong with you dude...

Turner 270

Awesome deck. Very scary to play against. Congrats on the super impressive run with this. Hopefully FFG gives you more tools next set to make it even better!

General Vatutin 26

Just played the deck. Super fun.

allenirish66 3

@General Vatutin. If you wrote all that on your phone you’re my new hero.

Bartmoss 1

I don't know what to say about that deck: very powerfull against blue/red aggro decks (Phasma & co) because you're lacking good yellow cards (Dismantle, Vandalize). But so difficult to win vs hero mill... Besides, it doesn't seem so fun to play: a simple trooper should do the work. No need for a General in the driver's seat ;)

General Vatutin 26

@DaJix....just about everything. You might get a quicker answer by going with, “What is right with you” next time.

comradedickbutt 126

As fun as this deck looks to play, and man does it, the comment section here is the real winner. Live long and prosper!

Kalaheo 142

@Bartmoss I haven't had any trouble against hero Mill yet, being able to drop 20+ damage by the end of round 2 and threaten lethal consistently round 3 has proved too much for them, especially when hero lacks the free mitigation villain has. Vandalize and dismantle are threats but this decks ramps hard enough it usually ends up as 2 steps forward 3 steps back for them.

I know plenty of people don't enjoy playing reset AR decks but I think this one has a lot more interesting decisions to make over the shadowcaster and firespray ones and enables you to adjust the speed you approach each round to maximize the opportunities for opponents to misplay.

daveydtd 22

I don't know what's going on right now.

JuryDuty 14

Won a local tournament with this one and came in 14/35 in another. Didn't do so great in the second because out of the 35 decks in the tournament, there were 3 mill...and I faced two of them which became my demise. Otherwise, I'm confident I would have done MUCH better.