5-1 Infinite, Bologna GQ - Or why infinite needs some love

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rockntroll 188

This is the deck that I used in the GQ at Bologna in the infinite format. I've never played infinite before, I just put this deck together a few minutes before I packed for the event.

The idea is simple:

1) Take your battlefield, or use New Orders (Mean Streets - Correlia is just crazy good)

2) Preferably play Rex's Blaster Pistol on Fenn Rau - Mandalorian Protector

3) Cheat activation

4) Fenn Rau - Mandalorian Protector power action if possible

5) Resolve damage

6) Claim and play Hyperspace Jump or Retreat

7) Back to step 3

It's that simple, more or less. This kind of decks is the reason why something needs to change in this format. It's totally unfun to play against it, maybe even playing IT.

A restricted list would be a solution: Allow only 1 copy per deck for cards like Hyperspace Jump , Retreat , Sith Holocron, Force Speed etc in order to keep the format healthy. Maybe even a banlist, I don't really know.

If you want I can write a detailed guide-on how to be frustating... I mean how to properly pilot this deck!

You can see it in action on the twitch channel of YOURDestiny podcast (thanks Claus for the stream!)


Game starts at approx. 1.17

Cheers and sorry to my opponents for playing it! It's not my fault it's the format that is crazy right now.


ferrsabs 72

I took a similar version of Fenn Han DD to the Seattle GQ and found that you need to clear your opponents of their turns otherwise you could lose the game. swdestinydb.com I think that domination is better that Defensive Position because you can get specials too. Hidden Blaster and overkill have done really good work at getting in damage so i think you might want to consider those. also if they add restrictions to infinite then they are defeating the point of infinite.

General Vatutin 26

Good work, very good. Must be awful to play against. Bam see you later sucker. Bam see you later kid. Bam ..bam....gg

rockntroll 188

Domination is indeed an option I considered. I ended up playing Defensive Position for Fenn's power action, seems odd but that 1 dmg every turn adds up fast. Also, a great card I forgot to add is Planetary Uprising , I would swap any gun for it as it is 2 dmg per turn, every turn.

blogster 1000

Did you consider Moxie?

rockntroll 188

@blogster what for? Han's special or Fenn's power action? Either way I don't think it is worth it, too slow for the format. I just want to activate ,resolve then claim, anything else is a waste of time. I would have to swap an ambush weapon or the Handheld L-S1 Cannon , or even worse Rex's Blaster Pistol. As I said above the only other card I forgot to include is Planetary Uprising . Amazing card for this deck! I would most likely cut 2 guns for it but not for moxie.

General Vatutin 26

Chewie with Han is better in infinite. How much...not sure. Lots of the same cards ...same concept. Revolve claim. I hate that deck with a passion.

Bigulf 819

Planetary Uprising is prob not good in that deck as when you play Hyperspace Jump you arent claiming and when you play Retreat you leave a window for your opponent to claim.

Bigulf 819

Also, so many cards which require you to control the BF, what happens when you go up against the mirror, potentially having a hand of blank cards.

chazz 157

@General Vatutin and lose access to red? That seems bad? No Hit & Run or Retreat?

rockntroll 188

@Bigulf Actually you are. Claim mean streets, put a resource, play jump or retreat for less/free!

@General Vatutin Red/Yellow is a must for this kind of deck. You do have the freedom to pick a scoundrel and a red character of your choice though. Poe Han was really popular, but there are lots of other teams as well for example Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen is sweet for decks like this)

rockntroll 188

@Bigulf about the mirror, what you can do is claim 1st action. It sounds stupid but it works. You claim, play let's say hyperspace and proceed next turn with bf control. Defensive Position and Dug in were there for a splash of red for Fenn Rau - Mandalorian Protector power action and as a backup when you don't have Hyperspace Jump or Retreat when you claim. They underperformed a bit. I would totally consider taking them out in a reviewed version of the deck, I just posted the one I played on the GQ without any of the improvements I mentioned.

Fallenorder66 8

what would be Cheat activation ?