Rainbow GAS Droid Grievous/eAphra/Sentinel

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Destry210 726

First, I've chosen to have Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter elite because she can do more shields and damages than General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander. The 3 characters have interesting abilities and Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter should be the first target, that mean I should always put 1 of 2 shield on her for not having the battlefield at the beginning and 1 shield on General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander.

Secondly, with 16 supports/upgrades , I should try to play 2 each round (one droid at a discount and one other). Those 7 that can't be discounted are : 2x E-5 Blaster Carbine, 2x E-11 Blaster, 1x Grievance Striker, 2x Hired Muscle. The 10 other can be played with a discount if Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter is alive.

The mitigation suite is : A Sinister Peace, Doubt, Forsaken, Hidden Motive and Reach The Stars. Probe is good against the hand and Free-For-All is a surprise source of damage with these dices that don't show damage at the end of a round.

The activation sequence should be : Sentinel Messenger, Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter, all droids, General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander, all supports.

Mulligan for : Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid, Stap Droid, Hired Muscle, 2 mitigation cards. Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid is key to discard opponent's big support before they can put it in play. It should be put on General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander or Sentinel Messenger.

I will play the deck and let you know if it is good in the actual meta. Your suggestions are also welcome.

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