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At the very beginning I must say I am a huge mill fan. I always choose this strategy instead of dealing damage. This is my version of deck (inspired by Stuart Sanderson) from GQ. I pick some different cards from original version because during 3 months playing this deck constantly, my choices are better than previous ones because they are giving more utility from cards. Aim of the deck is to mill opponent as soon as possible. In fact that means you must be able to finish game during 4th round. At opening hand you must have at least one support or upgrade. Anakin's skywalker podracer is the most preferable. Best events are: scruffy looking nerf-herder which is giving an option to get rid off some heavy stuff (vaders fist, mega blaster troopers etc..) from the first round. Impulsive and motivate played together are allowing you to focus and discard from ambush with enchanced value. With a perfect roll you are able to destroy opponent hand and he is unable to avoid this action. At least you want to have one or more removal on your hand in case of any emergency.

Note: Sometimes it is worth to take some resources from Lando dice with value 4 especially during first round. Deck is very dependable on having resources to play cards. Even without playing Leia power action on Landos side with value 4 you would be able to mill cards from opponent library using resistance ring, anakin's podracer, stealthy, battlefield ability on claim, and perfectly timed no answer.

Playing this deck is giving a lot of pleasure. Construction is able to compete with most powerful decks in meta game. I am strictly recommending this deck for any mill lover, and players which are interested in playing different than aggro.

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