GG/Wheel/AR 4-2 GQ Bologna Italy (small write-up)

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Hello, my name is Kirill. Just wanted to share some info about my performance at GQ Bologna. Since this is the only one of my decks that pretend to be somewhat original, i'm gonna post my results here. Total score: 4-2 6-0 5-1 4-2

You can find some videos here:

Your Destiny Podcast

Bad Destiny

GG/Wheel/AR 4-2 Standart1

Funny little deck that can do surprising ammount of damage, but suffers from bad matchups. Was expecting very different meta.

1) Yoda/Boushh - L

2) Yoda/Leia3 - L

3) Anakin2/eL3-37/Lando2 - W

4) Iden/Beckett - W

5) ePhasma/Sentinel Messenger/Retribution - W

6) eWatto/Wat/Talzin - W

ePhasma/FOS/AT 6-0 Trilogy


-x2 A-300

-x2 Sniper team (my draft sets were late)

-x2 Make Demands

+x2 Droid-Assasin

+x2 Seize the day



There is something like 14 core cards in this deck, other 16 can literally be anything and deck still gonna function.

1) ePhasma/FOS/AT - W

2) eWatto/eWat/Clawdite Shapeshifter - W Bad Destiny Stream

3) Phasma/eWatto - W

4) eEnfys Nest/eWatto - W

5) Enfys Nest/Marauder/Marauder - W Your Destiny Podcast Stream

6) eWatto/Wat/Sentinel Messenger - W Bad Destiny Stream

Iden/Beckett 5-1 standart2


Very nice deck, feels complete. Best card in the deck is Reach the Stars, saved my ass more then once, need to play it more. Deck can suffer from bad rolls(last game omg /facepalm) and really wants to win and claim battlefield as often as possible. In standart i was still getting used to the deck, so i missplayed a lot xD I think i played way better in Infinite, but infinite is infinite and a lot of stuff happens there.

1) Padme/Boushh - W

2) ePhasma/FOS/AT - W

3) Iden/Beckett - W

4) Padme/Boushh - W Bad Destiny Stream

5) ePhasma/Sentinel Messenger - W Bad Destiny Stream

6) Snoke/eWatto/BD - L Bad Destiny Stream

Iden/Beckett 4-2 Infinite

-x2 Megablaster

+x2 Pulverize

1) Jyn2/Yoda - W

2) Kylo2/Arihnda Pryce - W

3) ePalp3/Gamorrean Guard - L

4) Han3/Qi'Ra - W

5) Han3/Poe2 - L

6) Cassian/Jyn2 - W

P.S. looking for some TTS related info(groups, tournametns, leagues etc)

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