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General Vatutin 26

Any luck?

Turner 269

Played this tonight at the LGS, but used a different upgrade and support suite and had a total blast. I included R2-D2 , Targeting Astromech , and Treasured Lightsaber for Aayla if Poe went down quick in mine. Will be playing more of this character pairing in the future.

General Vatutin 26

Vandalize with just one vehicle seems risky. I missed that the first time. The events seem perfect. But need two more vehicle to support the mods if it gets vandalized which is very common 1/2 of at the moment. I like R2-d2 but I think the better guarantee ofpulling bb-8 timely is key for speed. I like the conscript squads because they are like protected DH-17.

-2 Poe d. rifles and -2 hand cannons +Targeting Astromech (I do think that is better in this case than R2 Astromech) and +2 resistance crate speeder/another 2 cost vehicle.
two bb8 seem needed so if you cut on for R2-D2 that might slow you down. Especially since you need Ariel advantage to be online more often than not. I like the force jumps You have 14 hard and soft mitigation so you might be able to loss one or two...maybe. Maybe this gets you two hand cannon. If you have a second vehicle online after Poe does that offsets the lose of a hand cannon.

Anyway. Fun looking alternate to my old Poe Rey. I will likely add this deck.

Please keep me posted. Tx.

Good luck. Cheers

Turner 269

I like your mention of Resistance Crait Speeder here. Might be worth adding in and seeing how it does. Thanks!

Bigulf 784

My version of this deck the only vehicle upgrade I included was Dorsal Turret that way they gained little value by blowing up Black One. Targeting Astromech isn’t needed with Black One’s power action. Make sure you wait until the end of turn, hopefully after opponent claims and it looks like you are done to play BB-8 to roll it out, then attach to B1 ready and rollout. Should be good for another 4-6 unmitigated damage.

Bigulf 784

The problem with this deck is that it can never be T1 because if it became close people would just pack vehicle hate. Poe and Aayla can carry the load but not against other T1 decks.

DarthMorgoth 200

I agree that dorsal turret only makes sense. It's awkward wanting to put down a 2 cost upgrade and also play the fighter.

I have only played this deck a few times. It seems to be in an awkward situation of wanting to be fast and aggressive, but I have struggled to get my dice in the pool quickly.

Rules question: Does Poe count as a leader in Standard?

Turner 269

@BigulfI totally see your point, but Targeting Astromech allows me to resolve the special and roll back out more often. Cutting it would definitely allow for more upgrade options, but ultimately I think this comes down to preference. Targeting Astromech has allowed me to pull off up to 9 damage in Round 1 after a claim.

@DarthMorgoth Yes. Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot is a Leader now. Pilot and Leader.

This deck is a lot of fun. You just have to hope you don't face someone with Vandalize.

General Vatutin 26


Turner is correct...Leader ...here is the Holocron doc

Bigulf 784

Rolling the special in twice or just resolving it once for 2R is the same damage. Only time I use the special is if it naturally rolls it or if special chaining and 1 damage kills a guy.

If someone has vandalize and you only have a Dorsal Turret on B1 they are not getting much value out of it. You spent 2 resources and they spent a resource and 2 dice.

Dont be silly and load up B1 while your opponent has 2 dice in pool, wait until closer to the end of the turn to activate B1 and definitely wait until the end of the turn to do you BB8 shenanigans. If they blow up B1 with a Dorsal and BB8 on it and you already got 1 reset then you have got your value from the play.