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jfm 140


chazz 155

This deck seems a bit confused. Is it efficient and fast enough to keep up with straight aggro?

jfm 140

if Umbaran goes away it seems to be a bit hard. There need to be some changes, any idea?

lij_xo 176

I think that in the age of Desperate Measures, the hover tank is pretty useless. You don't want to waste resources modding up a vehicle just to have it hit the bin. If you're going to go the Armored Reinforcement route, I'd play Count Dooku's Solar Sailer instead, but I actually think it would be stronger to play Profitable Connection or Lightsaber Mastery, then add in some more upgrades for thrawn.

FragrantOlives 201

Art of War is good blowout removal in a deck like this. With all the hand knowledge you have, that card gets really good.

jfm 140

I played Count Dooku's Solar Sailer before but the problem was dealing damage. Maybe Profitable Connection is the better choice, gonna test it.