Yoda's School for Gifted Younglings

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Ravenholt79 85

It practically builds itself! I know Yoda's Protection isn't getting much love, but 4 shields for 1 resource is good value!

edit: I've taken out Way of the Light and 1 of the Channel The Force to add 2 Into The Garbage Chute . Chute is just too good in this deck.


Dice of Failure 772

You get a "like" just for including Destiny Fulfilled in this. Gotta love Yoda mercing Padwans for three shields. Lol.

Nogutsnoglory11 383

Really like this build,. Nice job! Thought about adding 2 Into The Garbage Chute? Would be an auto include for me for any hero decks running diceless characters!

Ravenholt79 85

@Nogutsnoglory11 I did! I removed a Way of the light and a Channel the Force and added 2! Chutes. Didn't want to republish right away.

lij_xo 251

I'd love to see Qui-Gon Jinn's Spirit in this deck, I love to think of ripping all your youngling shields for a sudden burst of damage. Also have you considered Immutability? It can put your opponent in a tough spot if you drop it right before your younglings are almost dead.

Bigulf 807

Honestly think 3 little ones is too much. Swap out 1 for Built to Last for added money and giving all those unique weapons you will be throwing down redeploy. Also I highly suggest Become One to go along with Atari strike for added burst potential. Removing that 4 shield to added 4 to your 3 melee side can put a serious dent in most chars.

Ravenholt79 85

@lij_xo I did consider Qui-Gon Jinn's Spirit as a finisher but I need to see how well this deck can hold on to shields.

@Bigulf I definitely like the Built to Last variant of this deck. The reason I didn't was because I really wanted to play Niman, but mostly I really wanted to leverage Destiny Fulfilled, Respite and Into The Garbage Chute.

adran06 254

Why did you use Niman Training and Niman Mastery when Soresu Training and Soresu Mastery is so much more useful for Yoda?

adran06 254

I just built a deck similar to this, but it ended up pretty different. swdestinydb.com

Ravenholt79 85

@adran06 I used Niman Mastery Since on entry its dice turning. Lets me turn yoda's dice to the big shield side and later on with the special, big shield side and one of his upgrades. Its also pseudo removal. I'm not sold on Niman Training and will likely replace it later on. They're also cheaper on the curve. I'll probably replace the trainings with Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod and Ezra Bridger's Lightsaber.

TIE wing 33

why not add defensive teaching?