The General and the Bounty Hunter

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The General and the Bounty Hunter V2 2 1 0 2.0

QuiGonJim1980 42

IG and Grevious seem to be mad for each other, the fact you can also run a 2 point plot is awesome. As this is an aggro deck I chose Perilous escapade as you're going to be putting a lot of bounty's down to make the most of Iggypop's ability. Lots of health bonuses well with the Modular Frame, Armour platting and Bounty Hunter Mask. Still a work in progress but interested to see what people think.


mykelen 112

Great idea, something I've been hoping to find a good build for. I will say though, there are so few mitigation cards it worries me. Upgrades and weapons are good, but with these two working so well together, do you need that many? And honestly, is Priority Target really that good?

QuiGonJim1980 42

That's a very good point about mitigation, I will have a re-gig and put some more in. Thinking i will ditch the armor platting. Priority Target isn't great but I wanted the may number of bounties I could find. One suggestion that's been made is to switch the plot to double down and add another Dead or Alive and Wanted into the deck and drop priority target.