Plo shinanagins

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stevdav 45

You can get 6 damage a turn just with activations. The best combo is to activate Hoth Trooper#hoth then drop Target Acquired#target followed by a Plo Koon - Jedi Protector#plo activation. Very few events to stop Thrawn stealing your cards. I am worried about resource generation but exhausting an Ewok Warrior for Prized Goods sure seems like a good trade.


thewelcomemat 71

I love the idea of this list!

stevdav 45

Diplomatic Protection on an Ewok Warrior into Blaze of Glory seems pretty spicy. Shields for days.

artyzipp 1

I count four damage off activation, right?

artyzipp 1

Oh the set aside

Sinomi 345

Looks like fun! Lots of tech in there too with the N-1 for anti vehicle, thermal/wave for wides, electro sword for unblockable... so spicy!

Dopefisherman 59

@artyzipp remember that swd is silly about adding the free ewok! 2 indirect and 1 to a ready character off just plo koon!

Snortado 37

What about Through The Pass? 2 resources for another swing with Plo's activation damage?

stevdav 45

@Snortado that might be the best use of that card out there.