Grievous 1 Shot (Friendly Tabletop Sim)

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FranksterGankster 14

General Grievous - Fearsome Cyborg is by far one of my favorite cards, and this deck optimizes its passive effect to have 4 weapons and free damage with its Power Action. For early game, you want to deploy as many low cost weapons on Grievous as possible, while using Gamorrean Guard for Guardian control and Prized Goods money generation. Putting your Hidden Agenda's and Respected Businessman on him is pretty good as well, but you can always put it on Grievous if you need to. As soon as you have the chance to play Darksaber, Stun Baton, Vibroknife on Grievous, DO IT. These are amazing cards to have on him if you use them correctly. Use Well-armed, Mobilize, and Lotho Minor Junkers to gain enough resources to equip your bigger weapons on Grievous, or to discount them by replacing smaller weapons. Its possible to Hidden into a weapon, but its not the most effective strategy.

This is where we get to middle game. One of two things will happen by now that will affect you:

  • Grievous will be their primary target and by now hes at medium to low health. If this happens, replace as many weapons as possible with Redeploy, Vibrocutlass and Z6 Riot Control Baton are your main cards to do this. Darksaber also has redeploy, but you want that on Grievous asap anyways.

  • Gamorrean will be killed or at low health, leaving your Grievous alone. All though rare, this is optimal for you, since you can now go into your late game strategy with ease. Usually this happens when your gaining tons of money from Prized Goods, which means your using this card correctly!

By mid to late game, you should have 3-4 weapons on 1 character, and you should be putting out about 10-11 damage per turn if you low ball the damage output. Use Grand Entrance to finish off opponents at the first round of combat, and Furious Assault if Grievous is alone to potentially kill two characters right out. Most of the time you will have exactly what you need in your hand, and shouldn't need to discard into re rolling unless its absolutely necessary.

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