Hungry like the Wullf

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Chimaera 183

Hi all!!

My original idea of control with Wullf Jabba now with some SoH spice thrown into the mix!! Its an awesome deck to mess around with and abuses mean streets horribly!!

Have a video coming up with me trying it out so stay tuned!!

Cheers all! Chimaera


Bminny 41

No Admiral?

Chimaera 183

@Bminny Totally valid choice, I just found in testing the character combo hits the hand so good that reactivating doesn't gain much as villain really suck at the mill from deck! Though the 3 shield side and focus to discards could be oppressive enough to try :)

General Vatutin 26

How many games have you clocked with this?

Chimaera 183

`@General Vatutin actually managed to clock in about 8 or so, its good fun. Though ewoks posed a horrible match up haha!! Bubble Shield were my desperate and only response, though anything with dice, it does pretty well :P