BTL Droids Bae Out - Sydney GQ Standard Day 1 5-1

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eC-3PO/Chopper/R2/BtL 0 0 0 1.0

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This is a deck Poem from late night gaming initially came up with and I iterated in collaboration with him since launch of SoH to try and push droids in a slightly different direction while having favourable MUs against the majority of the field. Friend was on a similar deck for Day 2 and also went 5-1.

Lost only to 5 die droids with eChopper, eR2 with all melee dice rolling 2s every round with convergence been a concerning card in the MU.

Might be some slight changes I'd make given the current meta with Luke's lighting rod and Mace's saber not really been enticing to be played other than a 2 shield side and 3 melee sides each. A EMP should find a home in the deck as droids seem to be prevelant everywhere.

Thanks to all my opponents and friends for making the GQ such a great experience.

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Congrats! Terrific deck!