4-0 Mill Commander Cody

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DTokz 128



And yes, it had to beat the Gen Con Ewok deck. This produces a lot of shields (without dice to remove, less need for Yoda to make money), and the Ewoks have to play a lot of cards to deal damage. Events are always a solid choice for Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder and you can potentially remove their Strength in Numbers this way.

Get out Anakin Skywalker's Podracer and switch the battlefield if you didn't win the roll off. Then throw Moxie on Cody and start blowing up their deck.

I've had multiple matches where Cody used Moxie and Lore Hunter to destroy 5 cards in a round.

Isn't Force Meditation better though? Probably, since it doesn't require me to be on my battlefield. Moxie is a little more flexible since it can go on Yoda as well to use his ability. Late game Moxie on Yoda is good to turn dice to their discard side since this deck is better at discarding from deck than from hand, especially if Ani dies.

Dex's Diner is okay but should probably come out in favor of another Senate Chamber or a Republic Cruiser. Probably also need to find room for a single copy of Shortcut, especially if Moxie stays in over Meditation.


JuryDuty 14

Are you saying you use Moxie on Cody's special after you already used his special once? Because you can't do his special twice in a row, can you, because of the wording on the card? It says "Take control," but if you already have control, you can't take it...right? LOL I'm not sure.

DTokz 128

@JuryDuty You resolve as much of the card ability as you can. Cody is an X "and" Y effect, not X "then" Y. You take control, but if you already have control that part fizzles, and you also use its effect.

Imperial Spy 178

If it was "Take Control of the battlefield, THEN use its claim/pa" it wouldn't work twice. With the "and" tho it still works

Imperial Spy 178

Also, you practically have 4 Ani's Podracer maybe just drop 1 of both Ani's Podracer and Start Your Engines. For more removal maybe?

DTokz 128

Ani's Pod is the main engine for discarding from hand with this deck, so I've found Start Your Engines to be worthwhile. And with Starvipers, N-1s, and Desperate Measures out there, I may find myself needing to dig for the second copy during a game.