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I've been seeing these Jango Old Daka decks going around, and I unfortunately dont have a Jango, So I used 4-LOM - Calculating Criminal.

Now, you might be wondering, "why does this list only have 8 events, and only 6 of them are removal/healing?" well, the reason I only have those 8 events is because when you are facing an opponent, their immediate reaction is, "who do I go for?" Funny thing is, is that the brain is very good at seeing IMMEDIATE threats, (that will come in later) so, they will automaticly go for the character that can spawn more characters! Aaaaaaaannnnnnnddddddd, (drumroll please,) when Old Daka - Nightsister Necromancer dies, she adds +5, at least, to 4-LOM - Calculating Criminal's dice, with the help of Vow Of Vengeance. Now, i will run through the basics of the deck.

Mulligan hard for a curse, (preferably hex or Uncontrollable rage), two bounties, (dead or alive or wanted), One upgrade, (Gauntlet rockets or Donderbus blaster pistol) and one form of removal, healing or other card. (Armor plating, Bounty hunter mask, Weave the ichor, by any means, or isolation.) (When facing a deck when you think there will be a one shot kill, (ewoks) try to get enticing reward or wanted instead of a curse)

MAJOR CARDS Gauntlet Rockets. This card is especcially good against high health characters (maul, vader, yoda) where it gives you an extra damage boost when they might have killed the old hag too early.

Weave The Ichor. Get this card ASAP, in order to extend the hag's stay at hotel game mat.

Advice is welcome!

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Fromper 130

When Daka dies, the zombies that are set aside aren't considered defeated, so they don't add to your Vow of Vengeance. You have to use cards that defeat the zombies yourself to defeat them.