eDooku2/eTalzin Spark of Hope

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eDooku2/eTalzin Spark of Hope 0 0 0 2.0

SSquirrel 9

Updated again. Played a Legacies block version of this in Regionals in January. Last version was a Convergence build. Here is v1 for the Spark of Hope meta


clonea32 2

So the only SoH card you put in was a single “Alter Fate”?

SSquirrel 9

I didn’t include Dooku’s Saber bc I try and keep even cards to 5 or less in Mom decks to maintain her activation ability and Witch Magic. There’s 6 in this build.

Yes the only SoH card is 1 Alter Fate, but several of the cards in the deck are a reaction to the current expected meta