Jango/Dengar - Sydney GQ Trilogy Winner 6-0

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Sinny 123

This is an original deck built by myself which I went undefeated in the Trilogy event at Sydney GQ. Due to driving 11 hours to get to the event and only a couple hours sleep I unfortunately can't remember all the decks I versed but I do remember playing against quite a few Hero Droid variants, all the games being reasonably easy and over pretty quickly.

This deck has a lot of tech built in to help counter what most of the popular decks are doing, Unblockable damage from the Plot and DX-2 Disruptor Pistols dealt with low HP Characters relying on shields and decks like Kylo/Rey. The bounties and Jango's ability helped a lot against Droid's who were trying to disrupt resources. Bacta Therapy and Armed to the Teeth were just amazing every game (even when I didn't really need to use them)

The Standout game for me was against my friends Kes/Fen deck. I kept a handful of bounties in my opening hand and no mitigation. My friend god-rolled turn 1 and killed Dengar before I could even resolve his dice showing 3 damage. Jango killed off Kes and healed 10 health with 2 Bacta Therapies to stay in the game. With only 2 health remaining I drew Armed to the Teeth which was enough to kill Fen but it also meant Jango would die as I would have to ditch his equipped Bounty Hunter Masks, so I activated Jango hoping for enough damage, I got a really good roll with enough damage but my opponent played Aggressive Negotiations forcing me to remove ALL Jango's dice showing damage.. I power actioned the pulse cannon dice showing a disrupt which then hit a 2 and 3 damage and got me in range of lethal with Armed to the Teeth to win the game!

Overall it was an amazing weekend and a great opportunity to show you don't have to play Droids or Ewoks to win.


JuzFuzz 27

Crap, now I need (want) another Jango die. Cool deck, thank you for sharing, it looks fun and thematic (minus the timeline).

General Vatutin 26

@Sinny: Cool man. Tx for the share. Been looking for a use with Dengar. I have no use for protect suit because we don’t use downgrades. Would love to slip in a punisher just because it is one of my favorite ships in Armada and X-wing.

Second, So if you could boost this with 6-8 infinite cards, what would they be. I netdeck and don’t have time to test all the decks I make while recovering from my 6th back surgery so I like to have options to make the deck better if it needed to stand up to standard or future decks. Tx in advance, regardless.

General Vatutin 26

@JuzFuzz yeah, is just screams and oozes out theme from the plot characters and even the battlefield and cards. Love this stuff!

General Vatutin 26

@JuzFuzz this is were FF went wrong for far too long. The deck building needed to be in the details not the theme so much imho. Awakenings through Empire has so many random characters pairings. While I am critical of Jeremy for not pushing enough thematic paring or buffing some of the most iconic characters, there seems to be a push p...finally. It may take people like Sunny doing the hard work on TTS to make it possible, but he is doing it.

I just wish the content creators would focus more on this stuff instead of them ALL chasing the same limited competitive crowd in their source funding. Being a gamer with a sizable annual budget like so many other casual players, these content creators are missing those with means. Use older Star Wars gamers have jobs and families and other interests. I own 90 games plus or minus, so this is just one. I know the casual players far out weigh the number of competitive players just by looking at what sells in eBay. I mean I understand they want to do a deep dive, but with their massive experience they could be providing tons of quality netdeck for casual players with quick player guides. That is worth $30 bucks a month from me for a few years. Saving me time is worth money.

Orffme 64

Congrats on 6-0 with an original deck!

whozeppelin224 15

love the deck! congrats on the finish. Any changes you would make?

chinovalley 316

@Sinny Great deck, congrats on your tournament run.

@Vatutin Again pushing some FF hate in somebody else's decklist, then spewing forth a bunch of personal stuff that's irrelevant. Brilliant.

General Vatutin 26

@chinovalley It is the casual players who keep this game alive, never forget that. Us guys making 220k (in this case the wife) with huge budgets keep this game alive for years. If we stop buy you game dies quickly. Until the content creators realize this, you folks lose. They are the only one with FF ear. But they got to hear it from the public at large. Based on what I see, we likely outspend the FLGS and TTS crowd 6-8:1. Luckily, for everyone that have started to turn things around. The content creators think prize support, regular realize time etc. is the secret sauce. Nope. It is dad’s with kids, brother, friends, and wives. We are the ones with entire gamerooms. You just don’t see us because we got our beer, music, CLEAN TOILETS, food, bbq, shirts, etc.

Go back to valley girl.

General Vatutin 26

@whozeppelin224 Sunny has all the bones in there, but a couple changes might help. I am no expert, and I don’t get to test my theories, but as a 80+ permanent deck builder clocking 400 hours on reading and studying destiny this year, I’ve picked up a few things. Just don’t take my work for it on the suggestions. I also have not built a bounty deck which really makes these suggests more like questions for others the deck builder. With that said, there might be a couple good suggestions in here.

Double down might be nice for x3 Dead Or Alive and x3 Pulse Cannon. The Dx-2 is much better than I thought originally, but I would like to see some redeploy. I think the Vibrocutlass is too good to pass up in this deck and that is what I added. Also maybe some Mandalorian Vambraces as a good 1 cost starter that can also act somewhat like a really weapon.

Other things to consider is some surprise out of hand damage with Act Of Cruelty. This is a so care in the meta at the moment. However Hunt Them Down is the card doing that for himin a sense. Act just might be better if he is indeed not getting three down like I’l hearing and also after the first character goes down and maybe the second only has one bounty.

One Dengar's Fire Blade might be worth considering.

With the pulse cannon, Truce or Well-Connected might be in order.

My understanding from hearing the content creators talk and some other feedback is that getting three bounties on one character is not a great goal.

This seems to be a deck that is attempting to burn a character quickly and overwrite and worry less about mitigation.

If droids wasn’t so prevalent, I would say exchange electroshock to Way of the Light. I think two more removal sounds about right. Maybe Doubt, but since I waven’t played This deck I built yesterday against Ewoks or droids, again, not sure. Just spit balling. Maybe, it the resources are doing well due to the battlefield and Jango, In The Crosshairs or Entangle. If crosshairs is used just a one of in case people attempt to play around it after seeing it.

There may, may, be too many bounties. 6 seems to be the usual number. Again, interested to hear what the deck’s creator or other think with this paring.


JuzFuzz 27

@General Vatutin - In terms of your suggestions, keep in mind that this is a Trilogy deck.

General Vatutin 26

@chinovalley Rendezvous is also a consideration instead of well connected or enticing reward if , and that is a big IF, 8 bounties is indeed too much. 6-0...clearly, maybe not. My assumption could be wrong. This would help action cheat pulse and resource cost on Jango. It is my understanding that play

General Vatutin 26

@JuzFuzz ah, opps. Epic fail. ;-)

Sinny 123

@JuzFuzz``@Orffme``@chinovalley Thanks Guys! I appreciate the nice comments.

@whozeppelin224 Thanks mate, I don't think it needs any changes until the next set drops and when it does.. OH BOY! I like the one Protective Suit just incase but this could probably be swapped for a Punishing One, I did try the Punishing One for a while but I didn't like the feel of random supports in a non support deck even though the deck would probably be better with it.

@General Vatutin Where to start... I haven't tried this in Infinite but I definitely recommend Entangle and Mandalorian Vambraces, for Standard. This deck is designed to take advantage of AMN Plot so Double down is not even a consideration for me, having an extra Dead or Alive and Pulse Cannon will not help this deck at all and I'm not even sure they are the best cards in this deck. Vibrocutlas is not in Trilogies so not even a consideration, even if it was cards like Pulse Cannon or Gauntlet Rockets just have so much better damage potential, consistency and Synergy. You also shouldn't need Redeploy with 2x Enticing Reward and the Pulse Cannons should usually be played on the Character that is not being targeted by your Opponent. Hunt them down is so much better than Act of Cruelty, the whole idea is for you to target and focus down single Characters one at a time and there are better ways to get unblockable damage here. Dengars Fireblade is not worth consideration unless you don't own 2x Pulse Cannons, in that case you should really go out and just buy 2x Pulse Cannons.. Resource generation is not an issue, even against Droids. Truce, etc are terrible wastes of deck space you need for other cards. You need all 8 Bounties, no question. You need to get 3 on an Opponents Character ASAP and start loading a second Character up as soon as you can. Relying on drawing all 6 Bounties is impossible when they can get stuck in the bottom half of your deck and you have no recursion for spent Bounties. The deck works by getting 3 Bounties on a single Character and Killing them ASAP, once you do you ramp and set up so hard it makes the game quite one-sided. Usually this happens later in a turn when an opponent has no way to disrupt, discard or interact with you or even after they claim the battlefield. Gaining resource and drawing cards after they claim is amazing, especially when you take an extra 5+ actions to lay down more Bounties, play Upgrades, etc. The other Reason you need 3 Bounties on a single Character is because it doubles (or more) the effectiveness of AMN, Gauntlet Rockets, Hunt them Down, etc.

General Vatutin 26

@Sinny this was a very through and detailed response that once again proves practice over theory. You have me thoroughly convinced. Thanks very much for taking the time to detail this.

Cheers Beats

chinovalley 316

@Vatutin your response to me is again off-base and pushing your own tired agenda with FFG, on somebody else's decklist, as you are prone to do. Always drumming up your own complaints and bullshit on other people's lists. Constantly throwing your budget and casual status as some qualifier to justify your pissing around on somebody else's deck publish, like you have some moral authority because you represent something or other. Tiresome and so out of place. Stop it already, ffs.

General Vatutin 26

@chinovalley (AKA Valley Girl) since you want me to do it FFS it is very difficult to argue. I hold her in such high esteem.

..since you put it that way...OK!

chinovalley 316

Your insults are lame, much like your FFG rhetoric.

General Vatutin 26

@chinovalley aka valley girl...guess I won’t quite then attempting to save your game while do drink the Kool—aid that destiny isn’t dying for design reasons. Just when I thought I was done, they pull me back in. Just had to do it, just like a girl from the valley. So valley.

General Vatutin 26

@chinovalley (AKA ....nothing that I am aware of) I have no more fight left in me after a massive personal set-back to go with my crippled body. Dissent, never has a proper place. However, as a former professor, I do have one final lesson with one knee planted on the ground. The point will come around, but this small issue with FFG just represents how something dies when good people allow it to. There is a quote of some sort freedom dies when the good people do nothing. Easy to throw things from the prenup galley, but harder to spend/waste hundred of hours everywhere trying to elevate FFG which holds the most important IP to me in history. You and I want the same dame thing: see Destiny continue to be thrive and overcomes the sliding decline. Wr just have two different approaches—which is find.

You have to pick your battles and certainly not everyone has much time—they coming of that and the herd to rein in the perceived outliner when most are wiser than me just quietly leave. Maybe you din’t get burned by Armada of A. netrunner 2.0. Even if many your neck of the wood din’t take the hit or care and moved on. I bought enough for 850 point battles for 6 sides and three tables with all the accessories to quicken battled. 1 X12 2 speed range rulers, x12 three speed, x12 for 4 speed to fit in smaller areas. Laser points and 3d terrain. 11 pack of dice and on and on and on for a bi-weekly meeting where everything was set up and ready to go only to see the lack of releases and the failed transport rules as it distorted the game to no end and died a quiet quick death. $3000-3500 gone. Something as a crippled to look forward to...gone. Soon this could very well be destiny as product is not moving on eBay etc. well at all. Follow the money.

However, I am very much done now after being destroyed as a human being yesterday fully today with this stupid and near pointless fight. I watched my wife career go up in flames recently get discriminated against to the tune that after her picking up her masters at the bequest of her company has told that she would be assuming the role of her boss who named her successor with perfect annual reviews for years after saving the company millions of dollars. Instead she was give a lessor little for no other reason than she is a women, who they calculate are often sheepish and risk adverse and not willing to stand up out of fear. Neing being crippled p, they know she can’t rock the boat and will have to suffer the indignity and shame while al, her colleagues know she was screwed. Not all women are built like this, but some of the glass ceiling is self imposed due to our different upbringing. Attire vs. nature. We’re screwed with no real recourse. There are complicated reasons as why we can’t move. Saddled with $70,000 in new dept and now what to get ahead, we are ruined. Are You ready when this happens to you?

That is usual how corporations divide and conquer at lasting their opposition because they grow weary loosing resources and time or discriminating to save money when ever they can. they wear you down bit by bit and cause confusion and decisiveness in the ranks of those with real grievances. Some are just willing to do what is takes to fight the system. Others find it pointless. It is why reason out of several we have among the lowest voter participation rates among modern industrial societies. Few think their voice will make a difference and the Think tanks operating for decades with funding from many of the top .001% make sure this is always funded. Now places like Cambridge Analytica etc. hire from London to find a way to get 1000 data points from all they free information most American sign away to get lost in the world of social networking etc. The irony is people actively on social media are both 20% less empathetic and 20% less happy on average than those who are not. There algorithms are used by the highest bidder to spread a massive disinformation campaign because they understand that traditional sources of media are vanishing, losing their investigative arms lie Woodward and Bernstein, in the most productive society with the least social mobility. “The great trick the devil ever pull was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” We aren’t talking about the devil of course but power, the true reigns of it masked like OZ to the common folk sipping lattes etc.

As an expert of poverty and inequality in primarily America, I have seen a great number of things that would make your head spin. America is ruled by an oligarchy consisting of approximately just 300 people. Watch “We’re not Broke” and inequality for All and study the “N.Y. times interactive budget” and “You solve the budget puzzle” which demonstrates the problem is very easy to do, just neither side as any real interest in racking up dept. The oligarchy won’t be paying for the companies they profited on from all that money pumping into the economy. Democracy is but an illusion. Not I am sure you have you own opinion, but I caution anyone thinking their gut reaction or listening to friends and TV is the same as reading hundreds of books, white papers, and periodicals. Everyone can have an opinion, but it takes work to gain one backed by facts and not just wishful thinking and conjecture. After becoming crippled, I have plenty of time on my hands and this I wasted on helping to illustrate so of the fundamental economic and design problems everywhere, because the designers and their playtesters are ...everywhere.

This is what change looks like. When a company ruins Armada, Android Netrunner , robots only to shut it down, and threatens to destroy destiny with even the North American champion saying he ,is concerned Destiny is dying.” We use words like fanboy or Kool-Aid, but what you going men, or boys, etc. need to understand that if you love something doesn’t mean blindly defending it. I and others have been hammer the most cagey company FFG for using Team Covent as their control media outlet to insulate themselves from criticism. But I as Admiral Nelson and just like I predicted Armada died. People at first laughed at me and then when it was dead begrudgingly admitted it was I dead dead and I was indeed a harbinger of the death knell. I have been around games for decades and as a former professor of economics with both an MBA and MPA know a thing or to. The persona I created for Nelson and others was different than the cool, collected professional type with a devil may care attitude which with I operate. With enough drip, drip, drip even rock will deform over time. Yes, it seem fruitless at time and most likely given their past history, they will just screen the negative comments and on take the questions from the die hard fanboys where everything is peaches and cream.

chinovalley 316

Your arguments are disingenuous and so out of place here, on a deck list published by a winning player. So annoying, so entitled. Go do this on reddit or somewhere to engage in a discussion. Stop polluting the decklist database with your crusade--it's very disrespectful. Do you care about that or is it just all about you and your agenda? That's a rhetorical question, nobody wants to know the answer.