JAWs - L8 Night Gaming original deck - Top 16 NOVA 2019

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Platform327 49

JAWs - L8 Night Gaming original deck.

RD1 - Fost/GG/eJango - Win -Pretty straight forward match, I had the droids out first turn and went to work.

RD2 - eJabba/Wat/SM - Loss -Dan B (friend of the ABG team) piloted this deck really great this game. Shout out to him! He ripped me good, only blow out loss of the tourney.

RD3 - Ewoks - Win -Act Of Cruelty did its thing. Set each char up with 2 dmg but left Chirpa alone then AoC end of Rd 3 to put them at 3, begining of Rd 4, finished them off with the other Act of Cruelty.

RD4 - Chopper, R2, C3po - Win -Piloted by Paul Ragard (ForeverFett) of ABG. Was on top of this game from the outset. Paul ended up in the top cut.

RD5 - eJango,Palpatine, Lightsaber Mastery - Win -Piloted by Menion Crawl (RunningOnion). Tough game and scary deck but I had Megas out and was able to make quick work of Jango, then poured in damage on Palp for the finish.

RD6 - Chopper, R2, C3po - Win -Piloted by JayBray - Was able to get a good board state early, finished of Chopper with Act Of Cruelty leaving some unarmed droids left.

RD7 - eJabba/Wat/SM - Loss -Piloted by Sam Derrick. Sam is a great player and this match was a bloodbath. Rd 2 was the Desperate measures war. Sam had the clear advantage but I was able to come back, Sam got this one by one action.

RD8 - eJango/Talzin/FOST - Win -Piloted by my local friend Stephen Cole. Really good player. We were both 5-2 coming into Rd8. Before the day started, Stephen said he did not want to face JAWs because he had faced it enough at local. :) Entangle did him in after I dropped his FOST pretty quick.

TOP 16 Match - Reylo - Matthew Rank

Matt is the best Reylo player I have seen so I knew I was in for a tough match. Won first game fairly well. Matt targeted Jabba that game first. Second game he won in a landslide, I did not draw any supports first 2 rds. Matt did a great job adjusting strategy and went after Aphra first. The third game was crazy, I was way down but was able to get both Megas down by Rd3. With the firepower on the board, I was able to clear Kylo with a 10 dmg hit leaving Rey. I was able to get lethal showing at the end but Matt had a good roll giving him just what he needed to finish me off and had the tempo.

Note: very sad I never saw BT-1 in any of the three games.

This deck was a L8NG team effort! Could not have done it without my great teammates!

Check out the L8 Night Gaming crew on live stream every Friday at 7pm PST/ 10pm EST! Our Discord: https://discord.gg/SVsZZYy

Lastly, shout out to the Gandork for reffing NOVA solo!


jaybray 7

I was that Round 6 droid match. Great early game keeping that support pressure on. Even with an early convergence on BT, you had me locked out all game. Congrats on top cut!

Platform327 49

Thank you @jaybray