Spectre Cell - L8Night Gaming Remedy

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Remedy 198

5 die aggro where every dice is able to be a 2 melee side Round 1 - threaten the spike of a droid while enabling card draw and shielding through upgrades.

Just something slightly different from droids to play at casuals or to a tournament for a different change of pace.

The ability to have both grappling hook and a 2 cost weapon down R1 which can turn into an overwrite by end of the turn on chopper for yoda's or a 2-3 cost redeploy offers great value and threat in the current meta with limited multidie removal floating around.


Platform327 49

I can vouch, this deck is amazing!

szpanerski 1

Is Ahsoka without Jedi ok? Her ability is unusefull without Knighthood

CharManyrd 7

Its awful without a jedi, i see the appeal of 5 dice, but with the health as low as they are its not really worth it, especially against someone like maul or vader who can take out half of your health in 1 turn (if the cards are right)

If you have Knighthood its much better, with the wording of her ability you should be able to give her Jedi, activate her, then because she is a jedi now, you can resolve one of her dice immediately Add a second one in for Ezra, thats all of her damage or shields you can get