Palp Watto - KC Prime Top 4

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pezyo 22

Thanks to Mission: Board Games in Mission, KS for hosting a great Prime. I didn’t take notes and my brain is mush right now but I will try to remember my matchups.

Round 1: eJango/Phasma2/FOST - Loss Took 7 from a Pulse Cannon off a Tactical Mastery. 0-1

Round 2: eChopper/R2/C3PO/Fateful - Loss This was a close one. I miscalculated his max damage in the last round and he was able to Ewok Ambush into 9 damage from R2 with a Salvaged Arm and Vibrocutlass. I could have played and ability to put me out of lethal range but activated Palp instead. 0-2

Round 3: eBo-Katan/C3PO - Win Nothing too memorable here. I had good mitigation for his damage dice and he didn’t draw much of his. 1-2

Round 4: eHan/eSatine/Naboo Palace Guard - Win I has really good ramp this game. Ended with around 10 abilities on Palp. 2-2

Round 5: Reylo - Win Kylo was fully shielded at the end of round 1 so I decided to kill Rey first and turn off both power actions. Got off a Fatal Blow for 7 and was able to finish her off with upgrade die. Kylo with 3 upgrades got me down to 1 health but a Bacta and some good Force Storm rolls finished him off. 3-2

Round 6: eSatine/R2/C3PO/FC - Win This one was pretty lopsided which was a bummer because it was against my friend Chase from Topeka. I had the perfect opening hand and it just steamrolled from there. 4-2

Top 8: eBeckett/FOST/Sentinel - Win (2-0) These were both super tough grind out games. He played Separatist Embargo on Bacta Therapy both games. My ramp was able to keep up with his though and I was able to pull it out. Game 2 he killed Palp but I was able to win by mill. My brain was so fried at this point, I thought his unused battlefield was a card in his deck and didn’t realize I had won.

Top 4: eMaul/Marauder/Order 66 - Loss (1-2) This was the type of matchup I was worried about. The first game was ugly. He had a nasty Lure into Execute Order 66 combo. It was just too much damage too fast. I took shields game two and Maul missed on a couple of power actions which gave me time to get set up and get the win. Game 3 was similar to game one. Only got down 3 upgrades on Palp and his Maul power actions hit. His hero card was Decoy which he got down all 3 games. It basically gives Maul 22 health and was very effective.

Thanks to all of my opponents and sorry I don’t remember everyone’s names.


Orffme 70

congrats! how many people were there?

pezyo 22

@Orffme Thanks! We had 26 players. There was one 4-2 that missed the cut. He had a pair down last round.

nerf_shepherd 37

How useful did you find Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber? How many times did you play it?

pezyo 22

@melondonkey I didn’t see it every game but it hit the table in 3 or 4. I wanted it more for mill protection than health but it did heal 2 or 3 damage in a couple of games. I’m glad I included it but also glad it was just one copy.