Reylo. 4-2 North Olmstead Prime Championship

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Reylo - Top 8 North Olmstead Prime Chamionship 4 1 4 2.0

Dmoney 481

2x crafted lightsaber = 2x crossguard lightsaber 2x alter = 2x forsaken 2x at odds = 2x power from pain 2x ancient wisdom = 2x triple threat

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Dmoney 481

Round 1: vs eLor, e3po, anakin2 Win 1-0

Reylo usually performs pretty well against mill. Only got 2 upgrades down and had one of them flames of the pasted. Still managed to drop my opponents characters slow and steady. Only had a handful left in deck and hand

Round 2: vs Mace/Satine btl Win 2-0

Absolute slugfest. Killed satine first and lost kylo shortly after. Mostly loaded Mace vs Fully loaded Rey. Managed to get more damage through than Mace was rolling.

Round 3: vs Kylo2/Phasma2 3-0

This was what I had been dreading running into. Both Kylos were almost dead at start of round 2. Mine died first followed shortly by my opponents. Leaving a Rey with 2 upgrades and a Phasma with just a quicksilver baton. A clutch 1 damage out of bendus combined with a clutch triple threat finished the game in favor

Round 4: vs Plo Ewoks 3-1

Never faced this deck before so had no idea of the best way to go about it. Attempting to take down Plo first. Got 9 damage on him before a diplomatic protection hit. Game was over at that point. In the future, drop the ewoks followed by the trooper first

Round 5: vs Chopper droids 3-2

Droids are tough. Every Kylo die I rolled out got mitigated. Rey attempted to close the game out on her own but wasnt enough

Round 6: vs Jango/Maul 4-2

A interesting deck. Went after Maul first because Maul can shred though Reylo is left alone. Ended up being a loaded Jango vs a loaded Rey. My opponent didnt have armed to the teeth luckily so I was able to close the game out.

End of swiss. Made top 8 cut

Too 8 best of 3

Vs plo ewoks 0-2

Reylo cannot beat this deck. Was thoroughly trounced. Too much health and a lot of damage from hand equals a bad time for Reylo