Maul-Commando (Top 8 in Portland, 5-1 Swiss)

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Dice of Failure 810

I've been looking for a partner for Maul - Skilled Duelist since his release is Spark of Hope, and I never would have found it if not for Andrew with the Dice Commandos, doing what they do best: going Commando.

Using the Mandalorian Super Commando as a partner makes it so Maul is no longer a 13-health deck. Not only that, the math on the deck is very good, reasonably getting out 7 damage on round one at minimum. You load up the commando. If they go for him first, you overwrite with a redeploy weapon.

The deck felt like the most consistent aggro I tested, so I went with it. How did I do? 5-1 in Swiss, ranking second overall after strength schedule, ultimately finishing in the top 8. Here's how each round went:

Round 1 - Braven playing eVader/Battle Droid/Retribution. I typically feel good against Vader with the Maul matchup, because I only have to deal 15 damage to effectively win the game. That turned out to be a much taller task against Braven. It came down to a Reach The Stars at the end, where he only got one reroll because I got my Battlefield. And that got him one damage short of what he needed before I could kill him. Close, but a win nonetheless.

Result: W 1-0

Round 2 - DJ/Sentinel/FOST/Order 66 This game was on stream, so if someone wants to tell me how the he'll I won this game, I would much appreciate it. I'm still not sure. He even had a lucky play where he activated Sentinal to get a Truce which gave him the money he needed to Execute Order 66, and I felt like I lost in that exact moment. But I had this amazing round three where I busted out like 10 billion damage and was able to close out by the skin of my teeth.

Result: W 2-0

Round 3 - Ace playing eSatine/R2/3P0/Armored Reinforcement Ace is a top-class player and gave my deck all it could handle. The game came down to a couple key plays. 1) it's round 2, and he just played Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder in round one where he saw I had Fear and Dead Men. He left it in my hand round one. In round one, he also got his falcon down and Pacified a Maul die. So I'm sitting on four shields when I draw into a Desperate Measures, but I slow play it and roll out Maul. I hit the 3 and a blank. Unfortunately for me, he drew into a second Scruffy, so he scruffy's for event to snipe my FaDM. Complicating matters, I drew into a second FaDM. So he instead opts to safely remove my only DM, where I could have killed his falcon and only taken two net damage. That would have been huge and could have really made the match a piece of cake. But, I do get the FaDM off plus a Maul power action, so I'm feeling pretty good. 2) it's the last round, and can surely close it out if he can remove my dice, but he's not able to remove enough. I get Satine to 1 health, and I'm sitting on two cards in hand, one of which is an Act Of Cruelty. But, he rolled out a Discard with his Fickle Mercenaries. Despite my attempts at gamesmanship to feign like I don't have the Act, he resolves discard. 50% chance he discards my Act and wins the game. He hits the other card in hand, and I win. Phew.

Result: W 3-0

Round 4 - Jeff playing ePalpatine/Jabba3/LM I'll be honest, I sat down across from a Palpatine deck, and I thought for sure I had it. I have tested Maul vs Palpatine on several occasions and just wiped the floor with it, but this wasn't any Palpatine deck. This is the Palp deck that would finish first place with a remarkable 12-0 run. While it was a relatively close game, and I did have a slight missplay, I think he had the game in hand regardless.

Result: L 3-1

Round 5 - Stephanie playing eIden/eHan3 I like my aggro v aggro matchup, and I said that with Vader and almost ate it, but this time it worked out pretty comfortably. I was able to inch down an Iden 1-damage at a time so as to not proc the Riot Shield and then finished with an Act of Cruelty. We played a second game just for fun, and I got that one as well. I'm not sure how I lose this matchup.

Result: W 4-1

Round 6 - Steve playing eMace/eSatine/BTL This is the famous "hero Palp deck." I went for Satine first and was able to kill her at the start of the second round before she got to resolve her dice. Late in the game, I secured the win with a nice Pulse Cannon power action.

Result: W 5-1

Top Cut:

I made top 8, ranked second giving me an easier path to the next round. Unfortunately, I wouldn't make the best of this opportunity, with a combination of bad luck and garbage-tier decision making late.

I was paired once again with Steve playing his eMace/eSatine/BTL.

Game one I really should have had, but Maul did something twice this game that he hadn't done even once the entire tournament: whiff his Power Action. Ended up losing by about 4 health, which two power actions would have taken care of.

Game two went very close to how my game in Swiss went. Killed Satine very early, this time in Round 1, and I finished Mace with a Pulse Cannon.

Round 3, I really screwed up. He went hard into the Commando this time, so I put a redeploy weapon on him in Round two. That round, I played very well, making him either give me the redeploy weapon for a second use or split his damage. He opted to split his damage. The very next round, I should have done the same thing, but for some reason, I was very worried about a 9-health Maul dying quickly and opted to activate him first. This gave Steve a free pass to kill the 3-health Commando before I even got to resolve his dice. It was over shortly the next round. I had that game and kicked it away.

Result L 1-2, finishing top 8.

In any case, I was over-the-moon with how I performed, and how Maul Performed. He's very good into the field. I think he has a good droids matchup and can fight off pretty much any random or non-meta decks. This is a top-cut quality deck. Made Top 8, could have easily made top 4, where I would have faced a deck (Satine Droids) that I had already beaten in Swiss, so who knows?

I think the deck itself is pretty solid and has a lot of space for spicy tech. Mind Extraction would have won me the Palpatine matchup. Before the tournament, I put in one Stifle to try to stop those big dice removal cards, but I never once played it. The only time I thought about doing so it turned out my opponent would have been able to zero-cost cancel it. Still, though, the deck ran pretty smoothly, so I think it can only get better.

TL;DR: Maul is better than you all think.


hayema7 7

Any reason you're not playing Darksaber in your deck? I feel like the +2 on Maul could be pretty valuable.

Dice of Failure 810

@hayema7 The long answer is no, not really.

I actually just thought it about it for the first time after Prime, and it feels like the best way to punish people for blitzing down the commando.

There are some drawbacks. Even once it's on Maul, that beefy focus side is essentially a blank, and you won't really want the money late game either, so it will essentially have two blanks. I feel like the upside is enough to run it as a one-of, but I'm not sure my testing will tell me it should be anything more.

BobaFettyWap 1

Thanks for the inspiration. I played this deck at the Warren Michigan Prime with 53 players and took 12th overall(5-2 in Swiss) with some small modifications.

Telcontar 14

Thanks for this detailed tournament report! I just played Maul + Mando in my local Prime (Nov. 9 2019, Roselle, IL) and also got to Top 8! It's a super fun deck to play! Here's my tourney report if you're interested: