Reylo - Top 8 North Olmstead Prime Chamionship

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Reylo. 4-2 North Olmstead Prime Championship 0 0 1 1.0
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Reylo - Top 8 North Olmstead Prime Championship 0 0 0 3.0
Rey & Kylo (2019 Brazilian GC Top 8) 0 0 0 2.0

Dmoney 487

2019 Prime Chapionship - 37 Players

Round 1: vs eLor, e3po, anakin2 Win 1-0

Reylo usually performs pretty well against mill. Only got 2 upgrades down and had one of them flames of the pasted. Still managed to drop my opponents characters slow and steady. Only had a handful left in deck and hand

Round 2: vs Mace/Satine btl Win 2-0

Absolute slugfest. Killed satine first and lost kylo shortly after. Mostly loaded Mace vs Fully loaded Rey. Managed to get more damage through than Mace was rolling.

Round 3: vs Kylo2/Phasma2 3-0

This was what I had been dreading running into. Both Kylos were almost dead at start of round 2. Mine died first followed shortly by my opponents. Leaving a Rey with 2 upgrades and a Phasma with just a quicksilver baton. A clutch 1 damage out of bendus combined with a clutch triple threat finished the game in favor

Round 4: vs Plo Ewoks 3-1

Never faced this deck before so had no idea of the best way to go about it. Attempting to take down Plo first. Got 9 damage on him before a diplomatic protection hit. Game was over at that point. In the future, drop the ewoks followed by the trooper first

Round 5: vs Chopper droids 3-2

Droids are tough. Every Kylo die I rolled out got motivated. Rey attempted to close the game out on her own but wasnt enough

Round 6: vs Jango/Maul 4-2

A interesting deck. Went after Maul first because Maul can shred though Reylo is left alone. Ended up being a loaded Jango vs a loaded Rey. My opponent didnt have armed to the teeth luckily so I was able to close the game out.

End of swiss. Made top 8 cut

Too 8 best of 3

Vs plo ewoks 0-2

Reylo cannot beat this deck. Was thoroughly trounced. Too much health and a lot of damage from hand equals a bad time for Reylo


Bminny 48

I’m not sure if I agree with the statement that Reylo can’t beat PLO Ewoks. Although it can be a tough matchup, if you can rush down the Ewoks and then the Trooper after they are left with chirpa and plo. What is that going to do? I’ve played that matchup a few times and it is not easy but it is definitely winnable. Shields are huge

Dmoney 487

My iteration of the deck cant I feel. My only shield generation comes from reys special pretty much. And when you arent hitting her special its pretty much downhill from there. I was very much tilted when I wrote that out so take it with a grain of salt. All three games I played against it I was dead round 2

Drop it like it's Hutt 166

Yeah, we (Reylo players) may have to tech back in A99 Aquata Breather or at least a small soresu package if heavy indirect is significant in the meta. Rey specials are too few and too easily mitigated to do it. @Dmoney, how do you think your deck would fare swapping a couple lightsabers for Soresu Training?

Dmoney 487

Yeah a single soresu training could help. As well as the breathers. I wasnt expecting to run into a lot of indirect damage so I didnt tech for it