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Raspujuan 385

I love this configuration of characters + dejavĂș but.... I think you need to create a way to make DJ to survive more and more I can recommend: Dangerous Maneuver to move damage from DJ to your 2 other characters and Invigorate to heal 1 damage on each character and also I think you can avoid using expensive cards like Entourage or In The Crosshairs because of the order 66, you need to save money and also, the opponent is not going to activate more than one character each time afraid of the order66, for sure you can mitigate using cheap cards.

Maybe also is a good idea to use Skilled Tracker to remove dices.

Bloody_9 14

@RaspujuanSo I can see the logic in Dangerous Maneuver, I have the Riot Shield in for similar purposes, it is definitely worth consideration.

Avoiding using Entourage was exactly what I did do, there isn't one or two in there. In The Crosshairs is in there because most of my mitigation is 0 cost and its really good against decks right now, Reylo with specials and sticks, Jabba with the resources, Palps mostly speicals too.

Skilled Tracker and I have a love/hate relationship but I dislike the Energy Bow more and the move to Tracker is already in place.

Kalaheo 142

I don't understand the upgrade package, maybe swap out hidden for imperial officer?