Infinite Kreylo

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Atomisk 12

So I made this deck for Gencon but didn't get to test it at all before the GQ so I didn't play it in that event. However it went undefeated at the after event at Gencon so I probably should have played in the GQ after all.

Anyways the plan is simple: Get out big upgrades like One With The Force & Force Storm with Sith Holocron & Luke's Training. Ideally you want a Force Speed to help protect your dice resolutions. The damaging abilities are all one-of for a reason: To dodge Flames of the Past in the mill match-up.

Even if you don't get your field set up super well, you can still do regular Kreylo things with Polarity. No Mercy is also always on the table since it's a mono blue deck. Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II is also really good at ensuring you get the max value out our our die since most have a special on them. Yes, you don't get to benefit from the roll back in with Kylo's or Rey's die, but on the other hand if your hand was empty it lets you get another two shields/damage you wouldn't have had on a blank before so it's super worth it to me.

Removal is mostly relying on shielding up with Rey's specials, but you some of the best of Blue's 0 Cost Removal with Guard & Forsaken, & Hidden Motive. You also have Unbreakable which I think is a killer card for the deck since it counts shields from both characters and at the worst can still remove a special if your shields are down. Force Throw is another cool removal piece that also pushes damage.

The only sorta meh card in the deck is It Binds All Things since it isn't good late game and doesn't interact with Holocron. But it's still really good early and works with Luke's Training but I am not in love with it.

Anways, feel free to give it a try at your next Infinite event and leave any comments below.


MaimVoorhees 93

Drop It Binds All Things and add a force lightning? Not sure why I couldn’t hyperlink that card. I’m trying to make an Infinite Reylo list but not sure wether to go weapons or abilities. I like this list, but it needs lightning with those holocrons. Or maybe a second Force Storm?

MaimVoorhees 93

And if shields are your thing, I’d recommend looking at Riposte. I do like this deck though. A lot.