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AdMill - Ashburn VA Prime Winner 10 6 0 2.0

runningonion 1022

I went 7-1 in the swiss and was knocked out by runner up Vika in the round of 64. Full write up here:


inquistorsz 10

Super interested in this... Keen to read the write up.

Did the Admiral/Rebellion leader play work? I can see the point of rebellion leader... but Admiral seems unnecessary?

Why no Anakin's Podracer?

Would C3PO work instead of Bail with some slight tweaks?

Did you use your battlefield much?

runningonion 1022

the admiral play worked whenever i drew it. you can see it in action in round 7 of the swiss from day1a on the hyperloops stream. I got admiral resets on lor (via YAICN), and got a boatload of cards from lore hunter, and shielded up to near max.

CaliberNick 7

1 easy pickings.... ballsy, I like it.

runningonion 1022

My assumption was that people unfamiliar with the list (everyone) would target anakin first, so i didn't want to have to work to keep him alive for pickings. Now that people know bail is the target, i think it it is safe to drop the bewilders for +1 pickings and +1 podracer, to rebalance targeting priorities.

Dz 70

This line was one of the first I tried to toy with to bring back mill after the last errata announcement. Had some very good success with it (along w/ the C3PO variant) but ultimately backed away b/c I didn't have much success vs droids with plot. Can't wait for the write up.

Big_Campy 384

I love seeing Mill decks doing well as I am an avid Mill player. What are your thoughts on dropping Bail Organa - Alderaanian Senator to 1 die and then swapping Lor to Yoda - Wizened Master? It does leave 1 extra point that could either upgrade your Yellow character or run Espionage.

Echo7 322

@runningonion comment about your VA Prime deck (which I can't seem to comment on): Congratulations on your win, even if it was a small lineup of people. I was wondering if you were interested in doing a deck write up for our website, Nothing onerous, and I can do the formatting and images. We've had prime champions do write ups before - it's really interesting to have a range of protectives on the blog. If you are, drop me an email at markwlogie@gmail. Thank you.

Echo7 322

Also, do you happen to know the top cut results for that prime? We maintain a list of all prime results. Cheers