The Rainbow Ragamuffins

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Scotthx1138 1

Theed Royal Palace - Naboo to gain resources (and an ambush action in conjunction with the Outer Rim Outlaw).

Aayla Secura - Jedi Generala because she's a cheap blue character with three damage sides. Her special works on every die in the deck except the Outlaw's and Mr. Bone's.

The Gungan Warrior is just there for access to red. I chose him over the Hoth Trooper because he adds a die for the rolloff (and his die can be modified by Aayla).

Youngling Get's out your blue upgrades cheaply, most of which redeploy when he's 'spiked'. Throw Diplomatic Protection on him (against indirect) so that when he goes down you get 6 shields to your other characters.

Use Exchange Of Information and Respite to get out your Supports as quickly as possible.

Make sure to use Outer Rim Outlaw's ability when playing out your yellow cards. It's a form of extra mitigation and focus.

Also, remember to often ditch the Gungan die to Theed Palace for a resource since it will often (50%) be a blank or resource side anyway. In other words, 50% of the time the Gungan die will be "gain a resource + ambush".

I'm torn on running Elite Aayla+Allies of Necessity, or just running one-die Aayla and dropping Allies. Basically, I have to decide if losing a card and two resources (which is the same as paying for an average upgrade) is worth having an extra die on Aayla. I think an Aayla die is probably equivalent to the average 2-cost upgrade.

This is just a fun deck I threw together to test out. We'll see how it goes!


lombotomy 7

Youngling will be the last character to die considering redeploy upgrades and DiplomaticProtection. Ranged and Melee will never target him...

Scotthx1138 1

Totally. In an Aphra or Ewok matchup, throw all indirect on him to pop him. If they never target him, then just fill him with upgrades and keep rolling him in while you heal your other characters. Diplomatic protection can go on the first person they start targeting. I just put it on him if it's against an indirect match.

Samuel_Wilson 1

What would you think about replacing Outer Rim Outlaw with elite Satine Kryze - Hope of Mandalore? You lose the Theed ambush and the opponent die reroll, but you gain another die and another health.

Scotthx1138 1

Absolutely I'd consider that. I'm trying lots of fun combos. I'm also going to try aayla/e3po/outlaw (with r2 support in the deck)