Roselle IL Prime Winner, Iden/Beckett

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IDEN Beckett 0 0 5 1.0
Iden / Beckett Raleigh Prime Contender 0 0 0 1.0

Firehawk 68

Round 1 Vs eChopper/R2D2/C3PO Loss

Round 2 Vs Aphra/Hask/Sentinel Win

Round 3 Vs Plo/Chirpa/Hoth/Hoth/Bitter Win

Round 4 Vs Aphra/eGrievous/Sentinel Win

Round 5 Vs Han/R2D2/C3PO Loss

Round 6 Vs e4LOM/Grievous/Sentinel Win

4-2 after swiss, losses to players ranked 1 and 2, I ended up 6th

Top 8 Vs eChopper/R2D2/C3PO 2-0

Top 4 Vs Han/R2D2/C3PO 2-0 Round 5 Opponent

Final Vs eChopper/R2D2/C3PO 2-0 Round 1 Opponent


helikaon 34

Well played! Smashed some droids up. It was a pleasure to meet you (lost 0-2 to you in top 8). Congrats on closing it out the following two rounds.

OrganicJedi 2

Congrats on the win! What changes if any would you make?

RandomScrub 37

Removal apparently is overrated.

VehicularSupport 41

@RandomScrub I dunno, I count 9 removal. Feels average

RandomScrub 37

@VehicularSupport I meant more that it’s a lot conditional/soft single for removal. But ultimately murder is the best removal.

VehicularSupport 41

@RandomScrub gotcha. I think villain struggles with multi die removal though. Could play another rout I guess, maybe entangle.

Telcontar 15

Congratulations on your win! We didn't get a chance to play (I'm the Maul + Mando player) but it would have been interesting to see our 2 aggro decks going mano a mano. I have a feeling I might have been overwhelmed by piles of red dice! Ha!

nerf_shepherd 43

Looks like your Swiss losses were both to droids. In general, what is your win condition against droids? Which droid do you target and how quickly do you need to get one down to win?