[Infinite] Hand-limiter Sith lords

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lanoix 162

Infinite concept deck for an article on the french-speaking blog Datapad.be

Some info :

  • I found more effective to lose 2 resources at first turn for a second Dooku dice. Each of his faces are good. The discard one can shut down the hand of your opponent, already reduced to 3 cards each turn (virtually). And he will be the first target, allowing you to get shotos on Vador.

  • So you must hard mulligan for 0 cost controls (and force speed for the Dooku power action).

  • Weapons like Vader's lightsaber are too expensive.

  • Some surprise cards could be included, like Twin Strike, No Escape, Triple Threat... But I'm a fan of Anger. Even if it's very conditionnal.

  • Don't know which battlefield to use. You'll not get it a lot of times as you are limiting play options of your opponent.

blogster 1000

Isn't Sith Holocron legal? If so, why isn't it included with a couple of bombs like force storm? or other 3 costs abilities?

lanoix 162

Short answer : personal choice :-)

Long answer : Because you have to choose between weapons and holocron-style deck... It's completely different. And I never liked to play Sith Holocron (personal feeling)... Mulligan to have it at first turn, get the right face, have one ability, hoping that the player doesn't have one Rend or an other thing in his hand. As you don't start with any resource, you probably won't be able to play a 3 cost capacity on second turn the common way. But a friend has said he will build it with holocrons for a futur locale tournament.