Maulando Gun's - Australian Grand Championship 2nd place

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Maulando infinite - 5th on Datapad Challenge - Belgium 0 0 0 1.0

Outcast 84

Rnd 1 - Regional bye

Rnd 2 - vs eRex/Cody/Clone trooper - lose Mauls PA hit 1s for the first 3 turns and opponent capitalised on this.

Rnd 3 - vs eGrevious/Aphra/Msger - win I saw both DM's early taking out BT1 and another support which didn't hit the BF till after T1.

Rnd 4 - vs eVader/Greddo - win Maul and Vader traded out with a loaded mando to close out greedo.

Rnd 5 - vs eVader/Greddo - lose Opponent T1 delved Vaders Fist, Maul put a gd fight but couldn't keep up with the damage out put.

Rnd 6 - vs DJ/Msger/FOST/Order 66 - win Opponent got off some execute order 66's early, but Maul and his saber where able to keep up and close the game out in time.

End of swiss I placed 9th just missing out on the Top 8 cut, unfortunately one of the Top 8 had to leave for work so I slipped in.

Top 8 - vs Swiss ranked #1 eChopper/C3po/R2/FC - 2-1 win Game 1 I kill chopper T1 with 3 dmg and a PA 3 from Maul and followed by both Acts of cruelty. Game is quickly finished in the next few rounds. Win. Game 2 was really close 3po action cheats out hitting a focus to turn to the required dmg to take the win. Lose. Game 3 and chopper is dropped at the beginning of T2 with a mando PA and the game ends in a win in the following few turns. Win.

Top 4 - vs eChopper/C3po/R2/FC - 2-1 win Game 1 chopper goes down early T2, followed by R2 either at the end of T2 or first action T3 with Mando PA. Win. Game 2 is a gd battle with my opponent playing a great defensive game that allows him to take the win. Lose. Game 3 again a early dead chopper and the others follow quickly. Win.

Top 2 - vs e4-Lom/grevious/msger. Game 1, I draw no weapons T1, fall behind in damage and lose. Game 2, get a solid opening hand. Truce into a Maul Saber to put the pressure on, roll out into triple blanks, PA Maul with his Saber which hits a blank and choose to discard rather then let it fly. It hits yet another blank... not having a great start at all. opponent probes DM and EMP out of my hand with no cards left they follow it up with a delve fist. Lose.

While the lose in game 2 of the finals was a gut punch for sure, sometimes dice just want to be dice and thats the game. whike the odds of this is extremly high its no different then hitting a nut roll. I toke the lose on the chin after all its a game and I was happy to slip into the T8 let alone machine through to the finals and none other then my man, MAUL!


Telcontar 14

Nice result! Congratulations! This character pairing is so fun!!! When Maul rolls well it seems like this deck is unstoppable. When he rolls poorly...just the opposite. Haha!

I like your emphasis on yellow weapons and your change to Outer Rim Outpost.

Here's my version:

PalpShuttle 147

How often do you end up playing the Vibrocutlass? Ive played my own version of this deck for about 20 or 30 games and I think I played it only twice.