Temporary Truce (Crediton UK Prime, winner 9-1)

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Erik_ 8

I took this deck to a small Prime (18 players) in Crediton, UK last Saturday after just having moved house and even country. I was hoping to get one of those gorgeous top 8 mats as I haven't played a lot of competitive Destiny and therefore didn't yet own a Destiny mat. I have played much more Game of Thrones, so it wasn't as if I was playing on bare tables. :) My wish was granted, and now I even own two mats in one go!

I took this deck for three reasons, none of them meta related:

  1. I had already played it since August in some form or other and on account of moving I hadn't had much practice lately, so I wanted something I knew and liked.
  2. It is nicely in theme with the Prime prizes.
  3. We currently live in a temporary place and are not unpacking everything. When I was considering a few small changes to the deck, or possibly taking something else, I realized that I had no idea which box contained my binder of dice cards. So no choice but to take something in its current form.

Before mentioning the matchups that I played, let me say that it was a pleasure to get to know some people in my new local area. Looking forward to playing more games with them all!

The rounds

We played five rounds of swiss followed by a cut to top 4. I'm afraid that I don't really remember much about how the games went. :(

Round 1: Craig with Padmé/Leia - win

Round 2: Ben with eChopper/C-3PO/R2-D2/Faithful Companions - win

Round 3: Liam with Aphra/eGrievous/Sentinel Messenger - win

Round 4: Chris with eChopper/C-3PO/R2-D2/Faithful Companions - win

(From here on my games were all on stream. If you're interested, look for the twitch channel of Kirton Games.)

Round 5: Gemma with Plo Koon/Chief Chirpa/Ewok Warrior/Hoth Trooper - win

Semi-finals against Gemma with Plo Koon/Chief Chirpa/Ewok Warrior/Hoth Trooper - win 2-0

I believe that Gemma had also just won her first Destiny mat, so we were both very happy to get to this point already! :)

Finals against Chris with eChopper/C-3PO/R2-D2/Faithful Companions - win 2-1 with Chris winning the middle game.

The cards

Maybe a few words about some of the cards:

  • Only 1 Hidden Motive? I only own one, and I didn't want to buy a second draft kit.
  • Moving Rocks? I like it for the mirror (I always try to include one card for mirror matches), and it's nice to kill an Ewok carrying Diplomatic Protection and then steal all the shields, which I managed in one of the games. Also, in round 2 I had some spare resources and was able to randomly steal four shields from my opponent's characters.
  • Unbreakable allows you to stay ahead, but does little for you to get back in the game. Would consider removing in favour of better removal once Covert Missions releases. I believe that each of my opponents had to read the card whenever I played it, and I think that's fun: I like playing unusual cards.
  • Upper Hand is free removal but I don't think that I played it even once. Would take it out now.

Anyway, I had some time on Sunday to look for the remainder of my collection, and now that I've shown my new meta mates that I can play, I can get back to playing more janky decks (as well as this one because I just like it). :D

Thanks for reading!


Drop it like it's Hutt 160

Congrats on the excellent performance! Your thoughts about the cards are helpful, as just looking at the list I wondered about a few things. I'm still curious about your resource curve, given the high number of 3 cost cards.

Erik_ 8

@Drop it like it's HuttThanks! I guess that with respect to resources I try to resolve a resource die per turn, which can quite easily be done with the natural rerolls from the character dice. I also do a fair bit of overwriting and Adapt helps. I never keep any three costers in my opening hand. This makes the deck slightly less aggressive than what it could be, but in many matchups the shields can help you survive that. Against a very aggressive deck, the three costers hit the table less often.