Top 4 - 2019 Brazil Grand

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Aphra/Grievous/Sentinel Top 16 Worlds 8-0 Swiss 6 5 2 1.0
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lgdantona 54

I've been playing Aphra since Way of the Force landed. Last year I made 7/0, but lost in the Top16.

Aphra is so broken, I had to try it again!

Day 1

7 Swiss Rounds

R1- 1:0 vs e4-Lom/Grievous/SM (Janse)

R2- 2:0 vs eVader/Greedo (Victor)

R3- 3:0 vs e4-Lom/Grievous/SM (Arcanjo)

R4- 4:0 vs eChopper/R2-D2/C-3PO FC (Bia)

R5- 4:1 vs e4-Lom/Grievous/SM (Andre Belote) - 2019 Champion

R6- 4:2 vs eRey/eKylo (Clauber)

R7- 5:2 vs eVader/Greedo (Diego)

Day 2

TOP16- 2:0 vs eChopper/R2-D2/C-3PO FC (Bia)

TOP8- 2:1 vs eRey/eKylo (Clauber) Stream

TOP4- 0:2 vs Aphra/Phasma/SM GD (Ian)

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Fucking Run!!!! Congrats for the top 4....more than deserved for all the knowledge in the game. It's a pleasure and an honor to be part of this success.