Top16 Brazil GC 19 - Aphra GG Sentinel

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RodyFigueiredo 108

This is the deck i ran at Brazilian Grand Championship. I choose elite Aphra cause i was searching more life and her die is absolutely great.

i Got a Top 16, an excelent result since i was 2-2 at day1 round4. Needed 3 victories to reach the top and It happens, i did It. unfortunally at Top 16 my opponent was a friend of mine running Maul - Skilled Duelist and i couldnt go better.

im proud of my self and my result at day 1, something i thought was unreachable became true.

Round 1 - ReyLo - WIN - Stream at Round 2 - 4Lom GG Aphra - LOSS Round 3 - Aphra eGrievous Sentinel - WIN Round 4 - Chopper Droids - LOSS Round 5 - ReyLo - WIN Round 6 - 4Lom GG Aphra - WIN Round 7 - Chopper Droids - WIN

TOP16 - Maul Comando - LOSS 0-2

Thanks to everyone who helped me to get here once more, congrats to our National champs André Belote and a special tnks to André Villa, Rogério DelRey and Luiz Giraldi for the friendship and training. Another Special tnks, this time to Evandro Siqueira, he is an amazing player, trained a Lot with me and gave me hints to build this deck.

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