Milton Keynes UK Prime Winner Hot Kallus Ugly Wasps

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Derived from
LVO Kallus Snoke Hate (Top 8 Day 1 drop) - Artificery's Elra 4 4 1 1.0
Inspiration for
Kallus / Snoke 0 0 0 1.0
Powerful Leaders-Order 66 0 1 0 1.0
eSnoke/eKallus/Order66 0 0 0 1.0

Zhil 383

Deck was originally created by Elrathion who piloted his Kallus/Snoke to LVO Day 2 but had to drop due to a mistake from combining Theed Palace & Order 66 from the Restricted List.

Easily missed and IMO didn't lead to his victories and not the intent to stop on the list anyway.

I saw his list (which differs from this), grabbed as many cards as possible to construct the deck at the Prime itself. I had intended to use Yoda/Bail on the journey towards the event but my good friend Tim convinced me to use this instead.

Like Elrathion, I had put Theed in at first but Kayne picked up on it for the first round before die rolls, I was allowed to swap the BF and suffer a warning as a result.

The deck performed excellently, leading to top of Swiss at 6-0 and then winning the entire event undefeated.

I'd edit some cards in hindsight, but it's down to personal taste.


elrathion 704

Good job man!

You made it happen. The list is very very similar to mine. I bet people didn't like sitting in front of you ;)

Platform327 51

Ruthless deck! Nice win!

Zhil 383

@elrathion Thanks. Edited to tag your deck in the derived from as you've posted now.

I didn't have access to 6 Executes as I couldn't find all mine and I didn't pack the Act of Betrayal.

ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 184

Congrats Zhil! 25 events is ridiculous but I guess it must just starve and frustrate the opponent! Well done on your second prime win!