2019 Middleton WI Prime Winner: Action Cheating Vader

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Leumas 39

Hey everyone! Here is my list from the 2019 Middleton WI Prime. The list went 11-12 on the day and it was a blast to play and meet everyone. I will provide a quick round up of the event and if I forget something, I apologize because I can be forgetful!

Round 1: Yoda/Leia Mill: Win

 This was against one of my buddies, and we have done this match up a thousand times. He usually has beaten me, but I was able to get the Fist out round 1 and I used my embargo to call Flames of the Past. With the fist totally protected, I was able to take this match down.

Round 2: Jyn/Cassian: Win

 I was matched up against someone I had played at a regional the year before. I was able to blitz Cassian down and Jyn followed shortly. He did not get scrapheap down and I was able throw all the indirect into the FOST.

Round 3: Chopper/eEzra/eAhsoka: Win

 This was a really fun matchup and I felt pretty confident going into it. I was able to get my lightsaber down in the first round and I started mowing characters down after that. I was able to get Ezra to 1 health remaining and I rolled out 8 damage on my Vader dice. I was able to one shot chopper and kill Ezra with the ping damage off the Vader Saber. After that, I felt Ahsoka would have a hard time finishing the game and she was followed suit.

Round 4: Satine Droids with AR: Loss

 I did not see my lightsaber or my seperatist embargo and this is an awful match up. I fear and dead men'd a 2 to kill off his C3PO, to stop his activation that round. In the end, I got smoked and I was happy to be down with this matchup.

Round 5: Ewoks: Win

 This is a matchup that can go either way. I was able to get the saber down in the first round. I was able to kill his elite chirpa and one of his Ewok in the first round. Then I fear and dead men'd a 4 to put all the other characters on life support. 

Round 5: Palp/Watto

 For a long time, I was having trouble with this match up, but lately it has gone in my favor. This was a local buddy and there were no secrets to what we were doing. I was able to kill his palpatine before he got rolling with a thousand upgrades. I was able to kill his watto soon after that.

Top Cut: Reylo: Win, Win

 In the first matchup, I was able to get the fist out really soon. Reylo struggles against the Fist and it was too much to deal with. In the second round, I was able to action cheat with his saber and I was able to spike his characters down.

Top Cut: Han/Qi'ra: Win, Win

 After seeing this guy's list, I was a little scared. He had Wanton Destruction, Cunning Ruse and Reversal. These are all things that would have destroyed me. I was able burst down the characters with the upgrades on them. He used a Fighting Pit PA against me that did not go in this favor.

Finals: Palp/Watto: Win,Win

 This was the matchup I had faced earlier in the day. I was able to win both games in 11 minutes, which I am sure has to be some kind of a record. I was able to Tactical Mastery in 7 damage to kill his Palp in the first game. In the second game, I was able to get Mind extraction on him before he could use his Protective suit. Without Palp in the match, we finished our games.

A few last things about the deck. I have no hidden motives, because every time I would get it in my hand before this prime, I hated it. I feel that there are not enough targets for me to include it. I hard mulligan for a money card and his saber, but if I find the fist, I do not throw that back. In my opinion, Vader's two money side is one of his best side and it funds everything in the deck. I am okay with not getting the Vader die roll out off the saber after effect in the first round, but it is essential after that. I have 4 action cheat cards, because it is essential to hit for big damage without any mitigation. It has been a blast to play, and I will probably never stop playing the deck. Let me know if you have any questions about the deck. Thanks!


Muskymarko 1

I've played against ya a thousand times an still somehow never noticed ya only play 2 upgrades total lol nice job on the win bro

ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 184

Great work!

adalric 62

This deck terrified me. I'm glad I never faced it! CONGRATS on the win!